PPC Reporting Software: How to Report PPC Results and Benchmarks


When it comes to PPC reporting, they offer major online advertising platforms (e.g. Google Ads and Facebook Ads). something native functionality, including recurring campaign and CSV export reports. But these tools no allow combine multiple data sources – and they don’t help you create the narrative that makes your PPC reporting strong and engaging to clients.

If you want to bring your PPC results to life and tell a deeper story, you need to add context, detail, in meaning to your PPC reports. You will need help with this PPC reporting software. This software should address two important areas of concern to your customers and stakeholders:

  1. how their PPC campaigns are successful (i.e. ROI) and …
  2. or outperform competitors in their niche

In this blog post, we will explain how to improve PPC reporting Raven Tools, and we will present our software, espionage, which allows you to report on your position compared to PPC competitors.

Reporting PPC results to customers and internal stakeholders

Raven Tools

The level can offer a lot to PPC marketers as well as SEOs. And for digital marketing professionals working on both salaries in Organic Councils, Level is a proven tool for research, implementation and reporting. Let’s see how Raven can help you report on your PPC strategies.

WYSIWYG reports:

Raven is a reporting powerhouse and that WYSIWYG reports The feature allows you to retrieve data from more than 30 sources – including Google Ads (AdWords), Facebook Ads, Google Analytics and Bing Ads (Microsoft Advertising).

Our PPC reports are fully flexible – you can give preference to all the information that these data sources follow in the background, which means that you can create a narrative that resonates with yours customers or internal stakeholders. For example, if your KPIs are based on ROAS, you can enter this as the main metric in the report. However, if your client wants to lower their costs, you can choose to expose your CPC.

WYSIWYG reports in the Level: Google Ads summary tools

In addition to generating marketing reports, you can use the Level control panel to track the progress of your PPC campaigns on a day-to-day basis. You can do this with our Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Bing Ads integrations – as well as a direct link between Level and your Google Analytics tracking.

The Google Ads Dashboard at Raven provides in-depth insight into the performance of your Google Ads campaigns. The opening summary highlights your main KPIs – important information such as:

  • Impressions
  • Average CPM
  • Average CPC
  • CTR
  • ROAS
  • Total costs

From there, you can delve into device data, click types, ad schedules, keyword quality, and a lot more. Simply put, Raven’s Google Ads Dashboard Lists everything you need to know.

Google Ads account metrics in Level tools

Choosing the Level Tools for monitoring and reporting in Google Ads has three main advantages:

  1. You can delve into as many (or at least) details as you need to tell your story
  2. You can connect Google Ads to WYSIWYG reports or export to PDFs and share links
  3. Your data is presented in a format that is easy to use – for you in your customers

The Google Ads Level dashboard not only gives you insight into your search ads, but also displays data from the Display Network, video ads, and Google Shopping. Together, this dashboard gives you a comprehensive overview of your (or your client’s) advertising activity on Google in performance.

footnote: The level also offers a Ads Bing (Microsoft Advertising) plug-in, which means you can report similar details about your Bing PPC campaigns. This makes it easy to compare and contrast performance between ad channels (on a single dashboard) and show customers which search network is generating results.

Sign up for a 7-day free trial with Level Tools to get started with PPC (and SEO) reporting. Integrate 30+ resources into automated reports with white labels and manage them all in one simple control panel.

Facebook Ad Dashboard

By reviewing ads on Facebook Level, you get all the top information on reach, impressions, spend, clicks, and CTR – as well as trend graphs for all your important Facebook advertising metrics.

Information about ads on Facebook within Raven Tools

As you scroll through other gadgets in the Facebook Ad Control Panel, you can see deeper data on custom conversions – and information on specific ads, ad sets, and campaigns. All of these data points can be integrated into your custom WYSIWYG reporting or simply exported as one-time reports.

Google Analytics Dashboard:

Google Analytics is the “primary source of truth” for many marketers who monitor a site’s performance and often measure paid traffic and how it generates conversions. So Google Analytics is a vital data source for your PPC reporting. The level integrates with your Google Analytics account, allowing you to filter traffic sources and track goals, events, activities, and more.

Google Ads PPC Analytics

You can pull again what a data point from Google Analytics to the WYSIWYG reporting dashboard, which means you can back up your Google Ads reports with metrics about met goals, site participation, or anything else related to paid traffic that adds extra context or justify your PPC strategy.

Who should test Level as their PPC reporting software?

The level is aimed at marketers who want a a holistic view of their digital campaigns – but it is also suitable for PPC experts who need to report the results in the context of other important measurements.

Many of our users are agencies or consultants who use Raven to create custom white labeled reports, but our PPC and SEO reporting functionality also suits internal teams who need to justify strategies to management.

The level is unique because it allows you to build your own compelling story – use of different PPC data sources for storytelling. This means that PPC reporting can be funds into the campaign (rather than ex post) because PPC reports will become a tool to increase stakeholder share, justify new strategies, and nurture a trustworthy long-term relationship with your customers.

Sign up for a 7-day free trial with Level Tools to get started with PPC (and SEO) reporting. Integrate 30+ resources into automated reports with white labels and manage them all in one simple control panel.

Reporting on PPC competition and comparative analysis

Competitor information makes your PPC reporting richer by allowing customers to see their campaigns in the context of their industry. This can make reports stronger, especially if your campaigns are clearly beating competitors – but also if you can show that you are learning from competitive strategies.


iSpionage is a competitive research tool for PPC and SEO with built-in email reports, exporting PDFs and shareable URLs. You can spy on ad copy, landing pages, keywords, campaign structures, and A / B tests – and understand why PPC campaigns are profitable for competitors in your niche. You can compare with others and set up automatic reporting to track your progress compared to competitors in the SERPs.

Competitor research: a one-off report on the competitive environment

From iSpionage Competitor research feature, you can enter any keyword or URL and get an instant snapshot of the competitive environment in paid SERPs.

For example, the screenshot below shows the PPC competition (nationally, i.e. not geospecifically) for the search term “software development”. This provides an entry point for further research where you can delve into specific competitors and view their ads and landing pages. These findings can be sent as part of a competitor research report or used in preparation for the launch of new PPC campaigns.

ISpionage Dashboard Summary: Google Analytics

These reports can be easily downloaded as PDFs on the control panel itself or added as a file Competitor Warning. You can save alerts for your internal team or repackage them into a client report to justify your current PPC strategy or to provide support for a new set of ideas.

Summary of iSpionage statistics

Watch the SEM campaign: monitor competitors and report on PPC activity

With iSpionage’s SEM Campaign Watch, you can track specific PPC competitors, track the share of impressions in your target niche, and track how SERPs change over time. You can also get data for creating reports here local PPC competitors.

Proportion of iSpionage impressions by advertiser or keyword

You can export PDFs to any report control panel, or create a share link. And once you set up your project, decide if you will receive weekly or monthly automatic reports. These reports alert you to new advertisers offering keywords and summarize the best current competitors.

Should I try iSpionage to report on a competitive environment?

Like Raven, iSpionage can be used by agencies, consultants and internal teams. iSpionage reveals all the secrets of Google Ads competitors’ strategies in your niche (or your customer’s niche).

In terms of reporting on own campaigns, iSpionage is most useful for benchmarking your progress and showing how strategies have positively impacted your impression share and average ad positions.

Summary: What you need from a PPC reporting tool

To capture the imagination of customers and stakeholders, PPC reporting software needs to enable more than just the cost of clicks and conversion metrics. Instead, it should help you tell a story using insights gained from multiple data points.

Z Raven, you can create custom reports that put your PPC results in a context that makes sense to the end reader. And with espionage, you can add insights into the competition to the mix and show how your campaigns match key competitors in the market.

Sign up for a 7-day free trial with Level Tools to get started with PPC (and SEO) reporting. Integrate 30+ resources into automated reports with white labels and manage them all in one simple control panel.


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