Productivity tricks for side scammers and new entrepreneurs


Much is about coordinating regular service and a successful side venture.

With the limited amount of time you can devote to your hustle and bustle, it’s crucial to make the most of every hour.

As you build and expand your business, you need to find strategies that suit you and increase your productivity.

There are many tried and true productivity tricks available for new entrepreneurs, and we’ve rounded out the best ones below.

Implementing these tips can help you strike a healthy work-life balance, prioritize your business, and enjoy more successful results.

Tips for administrative productivity

Although tasks such as managing your inbox, creating a calendar, and billing can be monotonous, they are an important part of your side venture.

Here are some strategies you can use to simplify administrative tasks and increase your overall productivity.

Optimize your email

Reading and replying to emails and managing your inbox can take a lot of time and attention and distract you from your work.

When it comes to email, keep in mind:

  • Email time scheduling: To stay on track and avoid interference, block your email verification time instead of constantly looking at your phone or refreshing your email tab. Only open emails if you know you can reply.
  • Sign out of clutter: If your inbox is flooded with marketing emails or newsletters, take the time to manually unsubscribe from them or use the app to make it easier.
  • Get organized: Whether you’re using the zero method in your inbox, leaving your mailbox blank, or using filters, autoresponders, or folders to manage incoming messages, it’s important to keep your e-mail organized.

Use applications to manage your calendar and to-do lists

Calendar apps like Google Calendar or iCalendar can sync between devices and help you keep order in all your endeavors.

Accordingly, there are some great task management applications on the market that allow you to easily create and populate to-do lists for your projects.

Instead of trying to set dates and time frames yourself, make things easier with online tools and notifications.


Sync your devices and back up your work

When you run another business, there’s a good chance you’ll spend extra moments of downtime here and there, sometimes on different devices.

Whether you’re waiting for a flight, on a lunch break, or working in a coffee shop, you should be able to continue wherever you’ve left off.

Sync your calendars, brain notes, files, and data using cloud platforms like Notepad, Google Drive, or Dropbox. Accordingly, make sure you make a backup of your work so that you do not lose any progress.

If you’ve chosen a good app for your to-do list, it should also sync with your mobile device.

Delegate and automate

While some enjoy administrative tasks, for others they can be quite boring. Instead of getting stuck in daily chores, think about it hand them over.

Whether you automate payments, pay someone to manage your customer service, or hire someone to handle IT issues, relieving those tasks can be a big stress.

As long as it makes financial sense, transfer tasks that do not require your active participation.

This is especially true if you can earn more than it costs in one hour if you pass on a less lucrative hour to someone else.

Block time for administrative tasks

It’s easy to leave administrative tasks off your to-do list and tell yourself you’ll get them done over time.

However, if you don’t plan your time for these tasks like any other tasks, you run the risk that important parts of your business will fall through the cracks.

When it comes to paying bills, issuing bills to customers, and cleaning your inbox, block the time in your schedule.

Planning tips

Scheduling tasks and breaks is crucial for productivity, especially as a new entrepreneur relocating multiple projects.

The tricks below can help you put together a schedule and stick to it.

Plan work and breaks

You have a limited amount of time in your already busy day, so it’s important to plan tasks and breaks to increase efficiency and avoid burnout.

Instead of overdoing it, set specific boundaries real clocks to complete tasks and rest.

Also, pay attention to your habits and inclinations. Are you more productive early in the morning or late in the evening? Take advantage of yours chronotype and compile a schedule to be considered.

When you set boundaries for your job, sideline bustle, and social life, stick to them and inform your friends and family. Protecting the time you set aside for your venture is the key to its success.

Choose a productive system for solving tasks

When planning a schedule for your new business, you will have more options to organize your tasks.

One of the popular methods for scheduling tasks is dosing, which involves taking on similar or repetitive tasks at the same time, focusing all your efforts on this type of work.

If you’re a blogger who edits other sites alongside, you can divide your tasks into customer service, email, blog content, and social media marketing.

Other entrepreneurs choose to organize their to-do list based on urgency, from high-priority tasks to less urgent ones.

Whichever method you choose, clear guidance will help you perform tasks much more effectively.

Time for yourself

If you want to build a productive schedule, it’s important to be realistic about your timelines.

Without an idea of ​​how long the task will take, you could be lagging behind on projects or wasting time.

For each type of task you undertake, use an app or phone timer to see how long it takes to complete.

You will then have an accurate idea of ​​how much time you will devote to different types of tasks in the future, and help you set deadlines.

It could also specify the time-consuming tasks that could be outsourced.

Reuse extra time

Breaks are essential to your mental well-being and success as an entrepreneur, and the goal of a side venture is to generate a passive income that requires as little time and effort as possible.

However, you may want to take advantage of small chunks of time that you don’t really spend on anything.

If you find yourself in a repetitive period of dead time, scrolling headlong through social media, consider changing it to rule out some simple tasks.

Mental advice

When you work in a company, you have set deadlines, goals, and teammates who count on you.

When you’re a weekend warrior, the stakes are different. While customers may have expectations, it is to stay motivated and be productive your responsibility.

If you don’t have an office, working hours, and a boss, here are some strategies to help you create a productive environment and gain the right mindset.

Turn off interference

Scrolling, whistling, and texting friends are great ways to relax during breaks, but they shouldn’t be part of your dedicated work schedule.

Remember the clear boundaries described earlier? When it’s time to work, close down anything that might distract you from the task ahead.

This can also include your email and tasks that are not related to the one you are working on. (However, it can mean moving away from roommates or family and focusing on a to-do list.)

Create a productive environment

Along with turning off interference, focus on creating a productive workspace which is tidy, comfortable and dedicated to your venture.

If you have a sophisticated home office, great. If not, your dining table will be fine, a local coffee shop or a collaboration area.

The key is to find a place to do work, not a place like a couch where you also watch TV and sleep.

Include rituals

If you want productive habits to take root in your life, you need to do it build a routine (and stick to it).

This goes beyond planning tasks and may involve building morning and evening rituals that lead to consistent results.

You might want to start Saturday morning with coffee, a run, and 30 minutes of focusing and getting ready for weekend chores.

Or you can take an hour before bed to relax and unplug and think about the work you’ve done.

Find what works for you and do it again.

Accept the community

You’re not the only weekend warrior who strives to generate passive income. Have someone celebrate your victories z in get advice from can be incredibly motivating.

Whether you’re finding a local business network, joining a social media group, or simply making friends about your business, sharing your work can help you be more productive.

In addition to encouraging you, it can provide you with a responsibility that can motivate you to achieve your goals.

Keep it balanced

If you don’t set a timeline for your tasks, you’re much more likely to put them off. When that happens, your side venture could overwhelm other areas of your life and overcome the intent of the warrior mindset over the weekend.

Instead of burdening you and taking extra time, you should have your new business allow for less work and more profit with systems and processes.

That’s why building a schedule with clear boundaries and channeling your efforts into productivity is so essential to your success.

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