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First of all, what is a marinade?

A marinade is usually a sauce with various herbs and spices, oil, vinegar, salt, etc., in which meat, fish or poultry is soaked before cooking to get a great taste or soften. In addition to sauces, dry rubbing is also an effective way to add flavors to raw food before cooking.

How long do you need to marinate meat, fish or poultry?

The marinating time depends on the type of marinade you are going to use. You can usually marinate meat, fish or poultry from 30 minutes to a night while keeping them in the fridge. Each of the recipes below has its own timing instructions. Read on and choose your favorite.

1. A simple marinade for a balsamic steak

via: Hi Yum

Let’s start with the basics – balsamic marinade with 5 ingredients for your steak. This is such a simple and delicious recipe in less than 5 minutes.

2. Mamina Teriyaki sauce

via: It plays well with butter

After viewing this photo, we were already convinced it would be good. Who doesn’t love teriyaki for grilling?

3. Grilled cajun spice for grilled fish

via: What to cook today

Grilling is not just about meat and poultry, occasional consumption of fish is a good move from the usual. The good thing about this recipe is that you can use it with any type of fish you want.

4. Best steak marinade

via: Cooking Classy

According to Cooking Classy, ​​this may just be the marinade recipe you may need in your life! And we think he’s a goalkeeper!

5. Chicken with salsa with nectarine fruit

via: Food Faith Fitness

The marinade recipe that comes with the fruit salsa is definitely a winner! This is perfect for that BBQ party waiting to happen.

6. 5 easy marinade recipes

via: Give me some oven

Now this may be different from the list because Gimme Some Oven gave us not just one, but five amazing easy steaks marinades! We can’t just pick one, so it’s here.

7. Chicken marinade with garlic and herbs

via: Gunny Sack

Garlic and herbs, who? Enjoy this simple recipe on your next getaway! It’s just delicious, perfect for salads or pasta.

8. Greek chicken marinade

via: Foodie Crush

Another great recipe from Foodie Crush! We love the classic Greek flavor in this and can you believe she used yogurt? Amazing!

9. Chicken marinade with 4 ingredients

via: Without Biggie

This does not require a long introduction. Probably one of the easiest chicken marinades.

10. Just a great chicken marinade

via: Canning recipe

This is another chicken marinade that will make your chicken grill tender and juicy! Definitely a must try in the household.

11. Simple salt and pepper marinade for balsamic steak

via: Simply delicious food

When it comes to steak, you can never go wrong with this simple balsamic marinade. You probably already have all the ingredients in your cupboard.

12. Simple Chipotle Chicken Marinade and Sauce

via: Sweet peas and saffron

Looking for something a little spicy? Check out this simple marinade and chipotle sauce and you’ll never believe how good it is.

13. Shawarma Marinada

via: It plays well with butter

This shawarma marinade is another winner of Plays Well with Butter! A recipe that is so simple but so full of flavor from a variety of herbs and spices.

14. Simple marinated grilled pork chop

via: Taste at home

A marinade that we think you can actually use for all types of meat. In just 10 minutes, you have prepared a barbecue with the perfect taste.

15. Spicy BBQ chicken marinade

via: Madness with chili peppers

Personally, I adore everything spicy and this is one recipe that will definitely be on my list. You can easily adjust the spice level according to your taste!

16. Mexican chicken marinade

via: Bake It Again

Another marinade that is perfect for any poultry. Very simple, but very tasty – perfect for simple family gatherings.

17. Sweet & Smoky Dry Rib for ribs

via: Kitchen magpie

Now, dry scrubbing is also a great way to add flavor to your grill. This sweet and smoky dry scrub can be your next dry massage for your barbecue. It is also only 105 kcal per serving!

18. Dry the grilled chicken wings

via: Barbecue companion

Have you ever wondered how they make these perfect chicken wings? This might be a good idea to try so you never have to ask again.

19. BBQ Spice Dry Rub

via: No spoon needed

Homemade spicy dry mass that you will probably use every summer from now on! It is very easy to make and simply delicious.

20. Brisket Dry Rub

via: Lower gear

Another simple dry scrub recipe for your chest grill! The perfect combination of sweet and smoked and is good for grilling or even breast in the oven!

21. Three types of marinade

via: Sweet Pea Chef

Tri Tip is also lean beef, which is perfect for a healthy grill. You can try any of these three marinades, which we think are all equally delicious!

22. Three simple Asian BBQ lamb marinades

via: Elizabeth’s kitchen diary

If you’re looking for a marinade for lamb, take a look at this. Three Asian grilled lamb marinades that are so easy and delicious!

23. The best marinade for steaks

via: Lil Luna

There are so many steaks marinades available, but this one from Lil Luna is so easy and delicious! It comes with just 4 ingredients, perfect for those sudden desires for BBQ fun!

24. Marinated salmon with garlic and herbs

via: Dinner at the zoo

An excellent and healthy recipe for grilled salmon. You can never go wrong with this! Try other types of fish as well.

25. The best grilled shrimp

via: Critic of recipes

Skewers with shrimp will always be the right thing in the summer. Try this simple and healthy recipe for shrimp and you will never regret it.


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