How to become more efficient in creating a side fast


Want to see the success of your new side venture?

If you are reading this article, obviously. Well, the success of your project is much more than offering quality products or services.

At the end of the day, the internal functioning of your business is just as important as the work you do.

Even if you are a team of one man or one woman just starting out, you need to focus on creating systems and processes to increase your efficiency.

Otherwise, you could end up exhausting your time, money, and effort, which somehow overcomes the intention of becoming a warrior over the weekend.

Check out the tried and tested strategies below to make your side performance work like a well-oiled machine.

How to create systems and processes to increase efficiency

Do you have a job, family, friends, hobbies, and an adventurous side venture to balance?

Since your time here and there is limited to weekends, evenings and free minutes, it is important that deepen the procedures that allow you to expand your side business and also use your time more efficiently.

Efficiency means eliminating waste by making better use of your resources such as time, money and effort.

Here’s how you can optimize your business to be more efficient.

Remove inefficiencies

The first step to a more efficient business venture is to identify the parts of your routine and workflow that are burdening you and wasting your resources.

To determine exactly what works and what doesn’t, try to describe your tasks and break down the processes to complete them.

Want to take a step forward? Since you are writing your assignments anyway, go ahead and turn your notes into official ones Standard operating procedures, or briefly SOP.

The SOP document is simply a detailed guide to your process for completing the task. In addition to simplifying things and making it easier to outsource work, these documents can help you identify which parts of the process are inefficient.

Don’t just focus on how you perform tasks, but also how long you need to eliminate them.

Take a look at your schedule, make a note of how you spend your time, and see if there is room for more productive use of time.

Optimize your schedule

The way you manage your time can improve or ruin your business, and this is even more true if you’re a warrior on the weekends.

To make the most of your time and maintain the boundaries between your professional and personal life, tackle time management in the following areas:

  • Schedule tasks and breaks: Speaking from experience, when you give yourself a to-do list and no other guidelines for accomplishing tasks, you run in different directions, burn out, and are less efficient. Take time for specific tasks and plan breaks along the way.
  • Time for your tasks: Time when you perform a variety of tasks, from invoicing to writing articles to updating clients about projects. If you know exactly where your minutes are going, you can help highlight places where you could broadcast or automate to save time.
  • Give priority to your tasks: A task pack is a popular method for scheduling tasks, grouping similar or repetitive tasks together to complete them in the same time window. You can also try time-blocking to reduce yourself from high-priority to low-priority tasks.
  • Failure to reuse: Your time may not be as limited as you think. When observing your schedule, look for dead time that you don’t really use for anything. Whether you’re scrolling through TikToks for half an hour after lunch or having some downtime on your morning commute to work, consider using some of your idle time to speed up your business with quick simple tasks.
  • Play on your chronotype: Are you a night owl or an early bird? Find a time when you are by nature most productive and full of energy, and plan tasks with that in mind.

Stop doing everything yourself

I know it’s tempting to micro-manage every aspect of your side venture, especially if you’re very passionate about it.

And when you’re just starting out, you may feel like you’re paying someone to complete tasks like you’re skipping.

But digging into the weeds to complete the day-to-day tasks that any person or application could do may not be the best use of your time and energy as a new entrepreneur.

By relieving yourself of some basic tasks, especially administrative ones, you can focus on higher-level goals that will have a greater impact.

The same goes for complex tasks that drain your time and shake you up.

If there is a steep learning curve behind the task and someone more experienced could do it faster and more efficiently than you, outsourcing could be a smart move.

For example, if you’re a beginner at web design and spend hours and hours trying to solve problems on your company’s website, hiring a freelance web developer could make more efficient use of your resources, especially if they can create a higher quality product.

Consider how valuable your time is, and weigh the cost of outsourcing and delegating to determine if this is the right call.

In addition to outsourcing and delegating to self-employed workers or agencies, you should also automate as many processes as possible to increase efficiency.

Automating recurring tasks, payments, and subscription renewals can free you from unnecessary disruption.

Avoid interference at all costs

Disruptions kill efficiency, waste your time and effort, and distract you from the task.

They are available in all shapes and sizes: your spouse, children, friends and pets can distract you.

Also Netflix, social media and music. Then there are notifications, phone calls and emails, not to mention disturbing the messy workspace … You get the picture.

If you want your business venture to be as successful as possible and to prioritize efficiency, you need to shut down disruptions.

Here are some of the best ways:

  • Disconnect: Put down your phone, avoid Facebook, Instagram, or any other site that leads you into a rabbit hole, and focus on the task until the break. Consider apps that temporarily block your access, e.g. if you have trouble curbing the urge to jump to another platform.
  • Email schedule: Have you ever opened an email tab in the middle of a task and moved on? Random email checking can be disruptive and counterproductive. Schedule an email like any other task and open your inbox only if you know you have time to respond. Tools like Received Pause it can also help.
  • Set boundaries: Create a schedule and stick to it to protect your business time. Tell your loved ones your schedule to avoid distractions in advance.
  • Improve your workspace: A messy, disorganized workspace, or one that serves as your entertainment center, can be very distracting. Try to set up an office space at home and organize it, or consider leaving the house and working somewhere productive.

Use applications and tools to increase efficiency

In addition to organizing your actual workspace, you should arrange your digital workspace.

The same software and applications you use to expand your side venture and increase productivity can help you make your business more efficient.

Here are some of the best choices to streamline your side performance, whether you’re flying solo or part of a team:

Involve the right people

An important part of a successful business is working with like-minded people who prioritize efficiency.

Whether you’re outsourcing, looking for a teammate to work with, or contacting a mentor, find people who have success record.

You also need to focus on clear and regular communication with your professional connections to stay on the same page and update tasks.

You also need to reach out to other entrepreneurs to share your goals.

When you connect with someone who is in the same boat and you are honest about your goals, you can get advice and take responsibility so you can make your efforts a reality. It’s a win-win.

What can prioritize efficiency for your side venture

If you’re working 24 hours a day on your side venture, but you’re still not as far as you’d like, you need to study your routines, habits, and task management carefully.

Taking the time to monitor your processes and improve them can seem pretty daunting, but I can promise you that prioritizing efficiency will completely change the games in your business.

Use some of the tips and tools above to streamline your business and you’ll be amazed at how much less stress and more wins you’ll experience.

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