What to consider before a detox diet


What is a Detox Diet?

At the same time, with the Australian population experiencing a significant increase in the prevalence of obesity (1), interest in finding natural weight loss solutions has increased. One weight loss method that has become popular in recent years is the ‘detox diet’.

Although each program is different, detoxification usually involves limiting food intake to some extent to increase liver detoxification and thus achieve natural fat loss. Although there is no doubt that reducing calorie intake will result in fat loss (3), there is still some debate about whether the body can actually be “detoxified” or not. At Slim By Nature, we are happy to clarify this topic!

How does a detox diet work?

The body has several channels for excretion, all of which work by filtering and cleansing the body of toxins, free radicals and waste. While many detoxification programs focus exclusively on the colon (i.e., require depletion), Slim By Nature programs also work to optimize liver function, balance hormones, improve metabolism, and stimulate digestion for true holistic detoxification and improved outcomes. We also provide a framework and resources to reduce toxic exposure and promote excretory ducts to facilitate work. The following factors play a key role in the body’s ability to detoxify:


While certain foods may not necessarily ‘detoxify’ us, they can facilitate the natural detoxification processes of our excretory systems (especially the liver), which in turn will detoxify the body. The simpler and healthier we eat, the easier our body breaks down food and absorbs its beneficial nutrients (4). If we prefer pure whole foods during detoxification, we use less energy, acids, enzymes, bile, and time to digest food, allowing our system more room to heal, clean, and repair.


Although our original Body Slimming Detox program is tailored to complement a more sedentary lifestyle, a certain level of exercise is helpful to support the detoxification process. For those attending a more strenuous workout that they want to maintain throughout detoxification; such as running, crossfit and heavy endurance training, we recommend ours Active program Active program with active fixes. This program has been designed to encourage and support intense exercise by taking care of higher nutritional needs, promoting recovery, and prioritizing longevity of exercise.

Moving our body – weather with intense or light exercise – simultaneously stimulates the movement of blood and lymph fluid flowing towards our muscles and organs (carrying oxygen, nutrients and antioxidants) and then away (removing waste and toxins through the liver and other channels for excretion). Physical exercise also promotes the removal of waste through the skin (sweat), lungs (with enhanced respiration) and intestines (by increasing the quality and quantity of beneficial bacteria) (6).

Where do ‘toxins’ in our bodies actually come from? In addition to dietary intake of highly processed and inflammatory foods, exposure to environmental toxins is also an important factor in our overall toxic burden. Plastics, pesticides, chemical cleaners, skin care (including moisturizers, make-up and deodorants) and environmental toxins (such as pollution, cigarette smoke or heavy metal workplaces) must be taken into account (7). It is important to reduce exposure to these environmental toxins for our overall health and longevity, especially during detoxification! Below are 3 simple changes to help reduce the toxic load:

  1. Choose natural cleansing and beauty products or have fun making your own!
  2. Consider choosing organic or non-spraying crops or grow your own herbs and vegetables at home!
  3. Where possible, avoid plastics and avoid heating food in plastics to the best of your ability (8).

Commitment and consideration

Now that you have a deeper understanding of the body’s natural detoxification processes and how to support them, let’s take a look at more about what is included in a detoxification program!


The time it takes for the body to heal and optimize is highly variable and depends largely on the individual. Our programs range from 12 days 12-DAY TEST KIT, 26 days 26-DAY STARTING KIT, 43 days 43-DAY KIT and 60 days 60-DAY ACCELERATED KIT . The time period that is most appropriate for each individual depends on health goals, current eating habits, age, and level of exercise. To find out which program will best help you achieve your goals, solve our quiz! Which SBN detox program is right for you? SOLVE THE QUIZ.

Tracking and tracking

Completing detoxification is easy with the help of Slim By Nature! Our programs are simple and clearly set. They focus on simple full meals and have additional calendars / diaries to help you keep track of your journey. You can also choose to use a simple calorie tracking app during the 3rd phase of maintenance to help you return to a lifelong healthy lifestyle.

Advantages versus disadvantages

There are countless possible benefits to completing a detox program. Many detoxifications focus solely on weight loss and neglect many other important benefits of detoxification. Our programs at Slim By Nature use a truly holistic approach to restore balance to the body. Our programs not only help with weight loss (if this is your goal), but can also promote a happier mood, radiant skin, improved digestion, greater focus – the list goes on! Other benefits of Slim By Nature are that we make it easier to monitor the process, no strict exercise is required to achieve results, and we help ensure lifelong positive change! We also have the added benefit of a supportive online community and access to our nutrition experts to help you get through the process!

People often think that they would adapt the limited use of detoxifying agents to their busy schedule as a ‘scam’ and use this as a reason not to allow themselves the opportunity to detoxify. Compared to the lifelong improvements you will achieve, the time required to actually complete detoxification is extremely short! The sooner you start, the sooner you will finish and be able to enjoy your more vibrant, healthy existence!

Side Effects

You may notice a decreased frequency of bowel movements during detoxification, but take comfort in knowing that bowel movements every 3 days during detoxification are completely normal. Be sure to drink plenty of water (at least 2 liters) and use ours 123 TEATOX during this time as additional support. Headaches or dizziness can also occur during detoxification as the body adapts to the positive changes you make. Drink plenty of water and be sure to see your doctor if this lasts for more than 7 days. Very rarely, some women may experience leg cramps or a minor rash that may occur due to reduced potassium intake during detoxification. If you notice these symptoms, consult your doctor for recommendations.

Plan after detoxification

Our programs at Slim By Nature follow 3 simple phases: the “loading phase”, the “detoxification and fat burning phase” and the “maintenance phase”. The final “maintenance phase” is based on a principle developed by Layne Norton (PhD) that involves gradually adjusting metabolism upward over time after a period of fat loss (9). By slowly increasing calorie intake, we can gradually rebalance hormones and metabolism at pre-detoxification levels (10). This, in turn, helps ensure that any fat that was lost along the way is not returned.


When thinking about completing a detox, it is essential to understand the body’s natural abilities to detox, the ways to support them, and the process involved in completing a detox program. At Slim By Nature, we make sure the process is simple and achievable with a simple food intake, no need to exercise and access loving support to help you achieve your health and wellness goals!


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