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Chicken recipes

1. Easy Air Fryer whole chicken

Over Southern soul

At the top of our list is this very simple recipe for a whole chicken for frying, prepared by A Southern Soul. This recipe is so simple, and the result is a tender and juicy whole chicken that the whole family will adore.

2. Chicken offerings

Over Lexis clean kitchen

Here is a simple look at chicken hens. This recipe is simple and healthy at the same time – gluten-free and low in carbohydrates. It is also available with a base without nuts and almond flour.

3. Buffalo Chicken Wings

Over Mom 100

Can you look for an appetizer? This is one recipe you can try. With just a little tossing and turning while cooking, this recipe for heaven fryer is sent.

4. Southern fried chicken

Over Southern style kitchen Melissa

Southern fried chicken is probably a favorite of most of us. Good thing we found this quick fryer recipe for one of the most popular convenience dishes!

5. Healthy chicken and vegetables

Over Give me Delicious

It is very easy to become healthy with an air fryer – a good example is this dish with a high protein content and a low carbohydrate content!

6. Crispy chicken with cornflakes

Over Scott Baptie

We may be a bit biased here, but as you all know, Scott recently made an amazing version of his recipe for crispy chicken with cornflakes. So treat yourself to this high protein dish as soon as possible!

Recipes for beef and pork

7. A simple pizza with pepperoni

Over Stay kidnapped

Pizza lovers, look forward to it! This 10-minute recipe is both easy and delicious at the same time. Good thing about that? You can also add a little more toppings if desired.

8. Simple air-fried pork chops (southern style)

Over Stay kidnapped

Here’s another great recipe from Stay Snatched – pork chops in a southern style. Such comfortable food will brighten someone’s day.

9. Beef Steak Kabobs

Over Berry Maple

We are talking about beef – these beef skewers can be made with steak, stew or even with ribs. This recipe is full of flavor and very easy to prepare!

10. Tips for steaks for the fryer

Over Let the baking begin

Steak bites, who? A well-seasoned recipe that can be served to family and friends. Be it an appetizer or a main meal – it will be delicious.

11. Pork chops for fryer

Over Nosh Tastic

Another recipe for soft and juicy pork chops. This one is low in carbs, keto friendly and paleo.

12. Pork slice with mustard glazed air fryer

Over My split life

A deliciously good recipe that is ready in less than 20 minutes! This crunchy and juicy pork chop with mustard glaze is just full of flavor.

13. Air Fryer Pork Katsu

Over Cook the story

Great view of Pork Katsu – pork chops, wrapped in a crispy layer of breadcrumbs and combined with katsu sauce.

Recipes for fish and seafood

14. Parmesan prawns

Over Bitz N Giggles

Another good thing about these fryers is that you can even use them for quick recipes for seafood and fish. This simple Parmesan shrimp is a good example – it’s ready in 10 minutes!

15. Air fryer with brown sugar, garlic, salmon

Over Critic of recipes

This is probably one of the best salmon recipes we’ve seen! You can easily combine this with green vegetables or maybe potatoes by the side. A recipe made in less than 20 minutes!

16. Air Fryer King Shrimp

Over Hungry Healthy Happy

Crispy shrimp in less than 8 minutes? Count on us! This quick and easy recipe is so versatile that you can take it as a snack or main meal and combine it with any side of your choice.

17. Thai meatballs with salmon

Over Sweet peas and saffron

Preparing a meal will be easier with this recipe for Thai salmon meatballs. Pre-prepared and frozen, you can cook in the fryer at any time.

Vegetarian recipes

18. Air Fryer Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Over Grace pantry

Remember that you can also cook vegetables in the fryer! This Brussels sprout dish is the perfect side dish to any dish.

19. Avocado french fries

Over Life has become sweeter

A healthier intake of regular fries! This avocado potato is keto friendly, gluten free and vegan at the same time. Perfect as an appetizer or a quick snack.

20. Baked sweet potato cauliflower halves

Over Cotter Crunch

These vegetarian meatballs are a treat! An oven or fryer will be suitable for this recipe. It is also available with paleo and vegan option!

21. Healthy carrot fries with curry dipping sauce

Over Eat profits

Another “healthy potato” option you can try. This carrot fries is garnished with curry sauce which is just delicious!

22. Tacos with cauliflower chickpeas

Over Sweet peas and saffron

Vegan taco? Yes, there is – these cauliflower tacos would not miss a thing! It is colorful and delicious at the same time.

Bonus recipe for breakfast

23. An easy recipe for a bagel

Over Skinny Taste

Just a small bonus recipe you can try! This bagel recipe is perfect for those looking forward to a delicious breakfast in the morning. A simple recipe that only needs five ingredients!


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