10 tips to promote bowel movements


What is constipation?

Constipation is usually defined as less than 3 bowel movements per week. Constipation can also occur as a discharge that is difficult or difficult to digest, a feeling of incomplete evacuation, and / or bloating when moving (1).

However, it should be noted that closure is different for everyone; the normal duration of bowel movements varies greatly from person to person. Someone who normally performs two healthy bowel movements a day may be constipated if he urinates every other day (2). It is ideal not to leave for more than 3 or more days without stool, as after this point the stool becomes harder and heavier (2). Although constipation is not usually serious, people feel much better when their body is back on track!

Why does constipation occur during detoxification?

There are several reasons why a person may experience constipation, especially with detoxification, there may be quite frequent less frequent bowel movements. Some key reasons include:

Less food intake:

During this process, a small amount of food is often not enough to properly form into a full stool. Our digestive tract has ‘stretch receptors’ that need to be triggered to promote piety (13). This requires a sufficient amount of food to accumulate longer during detoxification, resulting in less frequent movements.

Eating different types of food:

Changes in food intake are another factor in detoxification that can lead to less frequent bowel movements. Even if there is a change in the direction of a healthier diet, any significant shifts can cause changes in our gut microbiome (bacteria) that are largely responsible for controlling our gut movement. This factor tends to disappear in the days to weeks as the body adjusts and begins to enjoy the foods included in our Slim By Nature detox.

Lower water intake:

We know what you’re probably thinking: ‘But I drank 2-4L of water every day!’. While this may be true (a great job by the way) because all foods contain water, reduced food intake in detoxification also means consuming less water. If we do not consume enough water, our body usually absorbs water from the stool, which makes it difficult to drain it.

10 tips to promote bowel movements:

Although it is perfectly normal for the gut to become less frequent during participation in detoxification, it is still important to ensure that we remove waste from the body. In addition, most people feel great relief when their bowels return to normal! Below are 10 tips you can use to help with the process:

  1. Teas

Try our Slim By Nature 123TeaTox!! Each of our perfectly made teas has been specially created to show the health in your life. Our all-natural, organic, herbal blends are tailored to target three key areas of your body; liver, adipose tissue, and colon. Every cup of happiness is intricately blended to bring love and care into your body!

Teas 1 and 3 are the most specific to help with constipation: We recommend drinking ‘Liver cleansing tea 1‘before meals (about 20 minutes before / after drops) to stimulate digestion. This blend is full of healing antioxidants, phytonutrients and anti-inflammatory properties! Our liver cleansing tea contains natural herbal remedies that stimulate digestive secretions, boost energy and endurance, promote the excretion of toxins from the body, and cleanse the blood and skin!

our ‘Colon cleansing tea 3‘is designed as a nightcap to remove dangerous toxins and waste from the walls of the colon, remove inflammatory factors from the digestive tract wall, improve digestion, improve circulation, promote fat burning and weight loss and soothe the digestive tract walls, all during sleep! You can also consume this tea throughout the day to promote the same benefits.

Our delicious sweet and warm ‘Fat burning tea 2‘can be in extra support as a complete revitalization or satisfaction of longing at any time of the day! This targeted combination of organically derived herbal ingredients is also designed to increase fat burning, improve weight loss and support digestion by soothing the gastric mucosa, facilitating digestive secretions, and reducing gas and bloating!

  1. Cali Kicker

Mix 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and a pinch of cayenne pepper in warm water and drink about 20 minutes before main meals. This helps to stimulate the release of bile, which acts as a natural stool lubricant (3).

  1. Remove dairy products and gluten

-If you are currently consuming dairy products or gluten, try to eliminate them from your diet (at least until your bowel movements become regular again). These can negatively alter the intestinal microbiome and cause the digestive system to pump water out of the stool, making it difficult to move and causing constipation (4) (5).

  1. Effective exercise

Add some more punching exercises: try running, jumping, or even jumping on a trampoline if you have access to one (6)! This helps to stimulate peristalsis; wavy muscle contractions that occur in our digestive tract to help expel stool (7).

  1. Manage stress

Sometimes our body can be under stress, even if we don’t feel acutely under stress. This can put us in a sympathetic dominance called the ‘fight or flight’ mode, which is not effective for digestive function. Ideally, we want to be in the opposite parasympathetic mode, called “rest and digestion,” so that our blood efficiently digests and drains feces (9). Try deep abdominal breathing, exercise, yoga, massage, immersion in nature, keeping a diary, or soothing tea to get your nervous system back into balance.

  1. Chew your food

Focus on chewing food until it is essentially a liquid before swallowing it. The less we chew food, the less strain on the rest of the digestive system to break it down. Chewing also produces significantly more saliva, which then stimulates digestive secretions in the stomach and bile from the liver to help digest food and lubricate the easier way to pass stool (10).

  1. Add space to your mud with Psyllium

Psyllium is a natural plant ingredient with a high fiber content that is often used to treat constipation. Psyllium increases the amount of stool by trapping water in the intestines and thus increasing the amount of stool. This is especially useful during detoxification to add volume to the stool to replace the smaller amount of food ingested, which is therefore not available for the formation of healthy stool. Psyllium has also been shown to positively alter the colon microbiome environment (11). For a stronger effect, we recommend mixing 10 g of psyllium in water before bed or during the day. Make sure you drink plenty of water too!

  1. Be happy!

Peristalsis, the wavy muscle contractions responsible for bowel movements, is largely controlled by the neurotransmitter serotonin, also known as our “happiness hormone” (12). It is estimated that 90% of serotonin is produced in the gut, where it is then used to promote a positive mood, regulate the immune system, and promote a healthy digestion and gut (13). When digested food (Chyme or feces) presses on the intestinal wall, enterochromaffin cells (cells located in the epithelial layer of the entire gastrointestinal tract) are stimulated to release serotonin, which then stimulates the release of other neurotransmitters responsible for peristalsis: acetylcholine causes nitric oxide causes muscle relaxation, resulting in the forward movement of stool, also known as peristalsis (12). Therefore, cultivating more happiness and joy in your life is likely to promote a healthy gut! This can include seeing friends and family more regularly, exercising, playing team sports, spending time outside, engaging in hobbies, reading a book, writing a diary, crafts (painting, sewing, crocheting, woodworking), gardening, or anything else that helps. cultivate happiness!

  1. Počep

Try squatting to do the discharge! Squatting (either before we sit on the toilet to encourage movement, or when we are on the toilet) helps to optimize the angle of the anal sphincter, it can help release pressure and allow for easier bowel movement (8). See for a visual presentation diagram at this link.

  1. Natural remedies

Many natural herbal remedies have been designed to help promote a healthy gut; many are available at health food stores or pharmacies (on the shelves or over-the-counter). Each product works in a slightly different way, so it will benefit everyone a little differently. For additional waste disposal assistance, we recommend that you use only one of the following agents at a time. Always follow the product instructions or the advice of your healthcare provider for the correct dose. Some products to look out for include:

  • Metamucil
  • Movicol
  • Prunelax
  • Henry Blooms Herb-a-Lax
  • Carusos quick bowel cleansing
  • GO Healthy Laxative + Aloe

Although the nature of the detoxification program in some individuals is suitable for less frequent bowel movements, it is important to encourage movement to remove toxins and feel this feeling of relief and normalcy! Try one of our many natural tips to be regular again!


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