The best morning routine for those having fun by the side


Waking up bright, early and ready to take advantage of the day is more natural for some than for others.

Whether you’re getting up in the sun or struggling to get out of bed, a solid morning routine is key.

This is especially important when you are a new entrepreneur and are building your business based on the requirements of another job or other obligations.

A good morning routine can give you the energy, mindset, and drive you need to be productive throughout the day.

Continue reading the top ten morning routines for side scammers that can prepare you and your business for success.

Top 10 Steps to a Better Morning Routine for New Entrepreneurs

Creating a routine requires time and perseverance, but it can positively change your life.

One of the first places you can start introducing new habits and eliminating unhealthy ones is your morning routine.

Refocusing your thoughts and actions in the morning can also change your afternoons and evenings.

Here’s how.

1. Wake up early

Is a nap worth it?

Many of the best and smartest entrepreneurs got up early.

Apple CEO Tim Cook, Oprah, Jack Dorsey and a the list of other entrepreneurs wakes up before 6 p.m. everyday.

Getting up early gives you time to mentally prepare for the next day and develop a positive mindset.

One of the mental tricks to creating good habits is to visualize the result of implementing a new habit compared to an old one.

Imagine putting off an alarm several times. Allow yourself just enough time to get dressed and rush to the office without saving a minute to meditate or work on a side business.

Now imagine getting up when the alarm goes off. Take the time to prepare, enjoy the morning ritual, and have some time to do your homework.

Someone building a successful side-by-side is probably no different person.

2. Give preference to sleep

They happen late at night, but the long-term pattern of night nights along with 9 to 5 hours and a few hours of sleep here and there is not sustainable.

Recently studies from Hult International Business School have found that lack of sleep seriously reduces your cognitive functions.

The study found that 17 hours of sleep is like drinking two glasses of wine 24 hours of insomnia equate with four glasses.

To avoid drunken stumbling through the morning, give preference to good sleep.

Create a bedtime ritual with clues that tell your body it’s time for bed, such as putting on a PJ, turning off appliances, and stopping caffeine intake.

Sometimes it may seem pointless, but it can help you put off your side hustle and bustle the next day and ensure you get a quality rest.

3. Move the phone

Scrolling through news headlines and social media can be grim and exciting at worst, and unproductive at best.

In other words, you shouldn’t start the day there. While email is easier to justify because it relates to work, opening an inbox before your feet hit the floor can be just as stressful.

Instead of going straight to these resources when you wake up, take some time. Should you schedule time in the morning to review and respond to emails?

Definitely! Just not as soon as you open your eyes.

To force yourself to wake up and avoid the temptation to move, place your phone on a locker or floor near the bed.

This little hack requires you to make a thoughtful decision to get up, turn off the alarm, and start the day.

But it’s always like that all day long – you don’t have time for phone interruptions unless it’s a way of doing business.

4. Meditate, keep a diary, be grateful, repeat.

Instead of lying in bed and moving around, jump out of bed, make yourself a coffee, and go to the right place.

Here are some ways to delve into the game:

  • meditation: Meditation can help you focus all your thoughts with attention. As you coordinate your new venture, family, activities, and other work, meditation can help you overcome stress and get together before you start the day. Calm,, Insight Timer,, Wake up, in Disconnect is some great guided meditation apps.
  • Diary: Take some time to write down your goals, early sketches of ideas, or whatever else comes to mind. Think about what you can improve from yesterday, or what you did well. Or you may want to write some positive affirmations to encourage yourself. It’s up to you.
  • gratitude: Start the morning by naming a few things out loud or on paper that you are grateful for. Maybe the people in your life are the ones encouraging you to keep grinding, or the doors God has opened for you in your career, or even the opportunity to work outside on a warm sunny day. This little habit can drastically change your perspective.

If you’re intentional in the morning first, it can help you organize, set priorities, and get to work creating your side hustle and bustle.

5. Move

Meditation does not just happen peacefully. Exercise is another great habit to help you focus in the morning.

Exercise kills stress, increases focus, and contributes to your overall physical health.

This is a great way to start the morning, which billionaire Richard Branson swears by and states in interview with morning workouts “he can achieve twice as much by keeping fit”.

Even if you’re just walking around the block, early exercise helps you shape your workday and prioritize fitness.

Your side hustle and bustle needs fresh, invigorating ideas, and constant movement can keep them going.

6. Have a healthy breakfast and stay hydrated

Not everyone wakes up with a big appetite, but starting a free day with breakfast can fill you up for the next day.

According to dr. For Brady Salcid, a chiropractor and wellness trainer, eating the wrong type of breakfast can kill productivity.

If you have breakfast, Salcido recommends:

  1. Avoiding refined carbohydrates: Think muffins, pastries and sweet cereals.
  2. Choice of healthy proteins and fats: Opt for classics like eggs and bacon.
  3. Suspension of sweeteners: Sugar and artificial sweeteners lead to inflammation and collapse.

In addition to eating the most important meal of the day, stay hydrated.

Dehydration can make you slow and unproductive, so start your day with a glass of water.

And if you’re trying to stay hydrated all day (as you should), treat yourself to something like that half a gallon bottle of water with markers and motivational lines to stay on target.

7. Plan your tasks

The time you need to devote to your side venture is limited in precious.

To maximize the time you have, instead of lengthening it, arrange time blocks to complete tasks with an app like I understand oz Asana.

When you are ready to focus on work in the morning, you will have a plan to complete your tasks.

Create a plan with specific goals like writing X amount of words on your blog or fulfilling a certain number of orders for your Etsy trade.

You will be much less overwhelmed and much more productive if you follow the game plan instead of going to the morning blind.

And your planning doesn’t have to wait for the day. Start the evening for maximum productivity.

8. Press Hard Tasks first

Every internal clock is different. Depending on yours chronotype, you may be more productive in the morning than in the evening.

If you are, take advantage of the increased energy you have early in the day and use it to perform your tasks at a high level.

While some people reach their highest energy later, many entrepreneurs find success in solving their most demanding tasks.

Think about it. You are not tired from working in the morning. You will probably have more energy (and peace and quiet) to work with and much less distractions that will distract you.

And let’s face it… building a business is hard! Constantly procrastinating with heavy things keeps your side fuss small.

9. Have a weekend routine

Side hustlers are not called vain weekend warriors. Saturday and Sunday may be the biggest days for your business venture.

Listen to me. Sleeping on a day off can be a well-deserved treat after a long week at the office.

And your Sunday morning will probably look different than Wednesday, but it’s still wise to stick to some form of routine and plan the goals you need to achieve.

Whether your weekend routine is extra structured and focused on your side events, or a little more flexible and focused on family and friends, imagine it early in the week.

Accordingly, do everything you can to avoid burnout.

Depending on how aggressive your goals are, you may need to say no to some fun plans and that for hours on the keyboard.

However, you also need to prevent some outages.

Spend time with family and friends on the weekends; just be aware of your time management along the way.

10. Let it be on its own

One of the best benefits of starting your own business is the freedom to dictate your schedule.

Of course, there are deadlines to be met and goals to be met, but you can determine your path to the goal, including your morning routine.

So if your ideal Friday morning includes a relaxing bath or a ride to Starbucks on a chai latte, go for it.

Create rituals you look forward to, such as cooking breakfast with your spouse, working at a local coffee shop, or walking your dog on your favorite route.

Creating a morning routine that you can stick to is just one of the systems and processes that will propel your part-time work forward.

Do what helps you succeed. Build your side fast a building with intentional drive and purpose, and take advantage of your mornings to step on the right foot.

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