How to save money by cycling


Do you think a bike costs you a fortune? To get the best deals on you, check out our tips for saving money on cycling.


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The bike is a great way to move. In addition to being cost-effective in transit and departure, they are great for the environment and great way of maintaining fitness.

But you will definitely want to get a bike that you can afford to maintain – especially if you ride regularly.

We’ve put together all the money-saving tips you could think of so you can drive carefree without breaking the bank in the process.

  • Get a tax-free bike with Cycle to Work

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    If you have a job (also part-time work!), you may be able to buy a bike under the government’s bike scheme known as Cycling to Work. This means you can pay less for a brand new bike – in fact, you can according to the scheme itself save 25% – 39% on the price of bicycles and accessories.

    What’s more, every month the payment comes from your salary, which means you won’t even feel like you’re paying it.

    All you have to do is choose a package (bike and accessories) and then you are ready. You can take your workplace cycling certificate to the selected dealer and buy a bicycle voucher according to the selected model.

    Take a look Cycling scheme to work here to save money on a brand new bike.

  • Register your round

    When buying a bike, be sure to register it as this will help you if you ever have the misfortune of having your bike stolen.

    You can mark the bike with the kit when it arrives so you can follow it and follow it if you take it and find it later. Brilliant, isn’t it?

    To get a tracking and tracking kit and register a bike, look here.

  • Buy a used bike


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    If you’re trying to find a few hundred pounds you could spend on a bike, perhaps the best choice is a used option.

    We suggest you take a look at Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree and even eBay if some vendors are local. But don’t stop there – a friend or family member may be trying to get rid of the old one, so it’s worth asking.

    When you buy a used bike, we suggest that you take it to your place as well Halfords and get a free overview of the services. They will be able to tell you about possible bike problems without having to pay to fix it.

  • Buy a bike on sale

    If you are not keen on buying a used bike and want to buy a bike at the store, you can still save by getting it on offer or on sale.

    We constantly i love sales, and we especially like those on expensive items like bikes. We suggest you check online offers as well as in-store sales such as Halfords,, Decathlon,, Evans Cycles and more.

    And if it’s the right time of year, check out our guides on how to get them best deals on black friday and in January sales.

  • Fix the bike yourself

    a person who repairs a bicycle wheel


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    Repairs may seem scary, but remember: YouTube is your friend when it comes to these things.

    You can learn a lot about the little one and potentially you can save hundreds of pounds repair costs compared to a visit to the store. And who doesn’t love save money?

    If you are interested in repairing yourself, you can inflate the tires, clean the bike (we recommend Muc Off) and even apply the brakes. Follow the instructions – especially when it comes to important safety features.

    Eventually, there may come a point where your bike needs major repairs that you can’t do, and you’ll have to take it to the store. But even saving on these minor repairs can make a big difference!

    The government occasionally offers bike repair coupons, which entitle you to a £ 50 discount on the cost of repairing your bike. Check our section on student offers to see if the scheme is currently working!
  • Buy cycling accessories at Lidl, Aldi and Decathlon

    If you are in the bike accessories market, you can save money by buying at Lidl,, Aldi, in Decathlon.

    In the case of Aldi and Lidl, your chances of finding some cheap accessories are happier than anything else, as these items are not always in stock. But we’ve seen them sell handlebar phone holders, sportswear and more before.

    As for Decathlon, they always have a lot of cycling accessories and sportswear in stock.

  • Install the fenders on the bike

    wheels in a row with fenders on the tires


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    It may seem silly, but in addition to protecting the mud from flying off your tires, the fenders also prevent you from damaging your clothes, bag and other accessories on the bike. This will save you money in the long run as you won’t have to replace them.

    We adore you fenders from Decathlon, especially since they are cheap and very easy to install yourself.

  • Get free security checks at Halfords

    Thanks go Halfords, you can find out which parts of your bike need to be repaired for free. They perform a free safety inspection of your bike and then indicate which parts (if any) need to be repaired.

    Best of all, there’s no obligation to fix any of these things – so even if you’re willing to do those repairs in Halford, you can head to another bike shop (if they’re cheaper) or do it yourself if it’s it manageable. and you know how.

  • Buy a quality bike lock

    wheel spokes with three locks on the front of different styles


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    Investing in a good quality lock can seem like damage money, especially if you live in a relatively “safe” area.

    After all, spending an extra £ 20 to £ 30 for a safer lock can make the difference between whether your bike is safe or stolen. And if it’s stolen, you suddenly pay up to 10 times the cost of a lock for a new bike, if not more! Clearly, this is a good payoff in the long run.

    We suggest you look at the U lock with cable, just like tale.

  • Rental of bicycles for short-term use

    If you probably won’t use bikes that often, you’d better consider renting a bike.

    Many areas now offer bike rentals (such as Santander and Uber rental schemes) where you can rent an app for a short time. Payment will come from your bank account, so it ‘s as easy as downloading the app, adding a card, and removing the bike from the docking station.


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How to save money by cycling

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