Don’t throw away these 7 household items – sell them


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I come from a long line of “dejunkers”. We are those people who are constantly inspecting their homes for items that have not been in use for some time – and throwing them out.

But when I married a graduate student and we lived on a marginal income, I found that some of the things I had thrown away earlier were quite valuable.

I’ve learned that it really pays to sell a few things instead of just taking them away. It allows me to earn – and save – money. Plus, it feels good to see things I no longer need in a new home instead of in a landfill.

Consider the following types of items you may not have realized were worth anything – and learn about some of the best places to sell them.

1. Electronics

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In the past, I just pushed my old cell phones, computers, and tablets into the closet until I threw them away. I now sell them online.

You can also do this through websites such as e.g. gazelle. Various retailers – from Amazon on brick chains – also buy certain used electronics as detailed in “9 stores that will pay you for your mess. ”

If your old electronics are in too bad a condition to be worth the cash, try taking them to a store that will give you a credit or discount on a future purchase in exchange for recycling your unwanted phone or computer. To learn more, see »9 retailers who will reward you for recycling. ”

2. Books

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Yes, libraries and charities can welcome your donation of used books. However, if you have textbooks, first editions, or notebooks by popular authors, you may be able to sell them online or at your local used bookstore.

For example, Amazon’s Trade-In program accepts books. Brick and mortar chain Books for half price he also buys books.

Tip: website BookScouter it can help you determine which buyer will give you the best price for a given book you want to sell.

3. Gift cards

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We’ve all received gift cards for shops or restaurants we don’t intend to worry about. Of course you can donate them, but why not sell them for cash?

You can do just that by exchanging gift cards like e.g. Lift up. They are online marketplaces through which you can sell your unwanted gift cards to people who are willing to buy them at a discount.

You will not receive the full value – for example, $ 90 or $ 95 for a $ 100 gift card. But you will receive payment in cash.

4. Household appliances

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I was surprised to find a real demand for my old appliances – including refrigerator, stove, washing machine and dryer.

One guy he bought was a landlord looking for devices for a student apartment. But other buyers – including a woman who always wanted a parallel refrigerator but couldn’t afford a new one – just wanted to upgrade their appliances.

This is one example you may need to rely on Craigslist for sale, especially for large appliances that would be too expensive to ship. But don’t forget about other sites and apps that can connect you with potential customers in your area, e.g. Facebook Marketplace,, Drop it in OfferUp.

5. Designer handbags and clothing

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Years ago, I was obsessed with designer handbags, but now I rarely wear them.

Instead of sitting them unused on a shelf in a closet, I sell them on a website Borrow or steal a bag. The site confirms that the accessories are authentic designer items – not products – and pay well.

Other shipments for luxury goods include RealReal in A stylistic warning of the material world.

Some generalized sites for sending clothes and accessories – such as in thredUP – also buy and sell designer stickers and other brands.

6. Calculators

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How often do you see someone using a standalone calculator these days with smartphones equipped with these devices and more? If you don’t work with engineers, economists, or mathematicians, noticing one is similar to seeing a unicorn. But as it turns out, there is a market for calculators.

Check before you discard your old calculator to find out how much a site could pay for it.

7. Children’s toys

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You can sell all kinds of toys, from board games to dolls and action figures – especially if they are still in the original packaging.

Consider posting them for sale eBay, or try to sell them directly and locally Craigslist or through Facebook Marketplace,, Drop it oz OfferUp.

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