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Our little one Levi turned 1 last weekend and we celebrated our first birthday on the farm! It was wonderful and also a great theme for children’s parties for early fall. Throwing can be expensive what kind of fun, let alone themed, Pinterest-y, but I managed to keep it really budget-friendly by making the main decorations myself: a red barn background and a flag banner with a cow print. I bought the rest at Dollar Tree and Party City, more on that below!

First birthday on a farm theme
First birthday on a farm theme

I used DIY for the barn wallpaper this blog post as a rough guide. The basic construction is simple: start with a triple whiteboard (I got mine at Dollar Tree). Cut along the top of the panel to create the shape of the roof. Now that you have your basic barn shape, cover it with a red poster board (I used double-sided tape to attach it to the billboard). Then cut strips of white paper and glue them together to create a barn dos and an X signature. Then cut out 2 black rectangles for the windows and apply to thin strips of white paper for the window panes. Finally, cut black strips to cover the perimeter of the roof. Tip: I like to use any glue stick or double-sided tape because liquid / gel adhesives, like the good old Elmer, can create bubbles under the paper.

I attached it to the wall with small hooks to hang the pictures (two of them hold the barn to the wall), duct tape, and 2 sticks.

Small bales of hay are Dollar Tree finds, as well as artificial autumn flowers and galvanized pots. Plastic animals are part of our Little People play set.

I made a banner with a flag with black and white posters, kitchen string (any string or thin ribbon would be appropriate) and perforator for one hole. First I cut out white triangular flags, then I cut out small, irregular “dots” from the black poster board and attached them to the flags with glue. I made holes in the upper corners of each flag and stretched a string through each. Tip: Do not cut the string until all the flags are wound on it and you can hold it against the wall to estimate the distance between the flags and how long you will want the final banner.

In Party City, I found a small straw hat with a red number 1, a banner for a high chair on the farm, and plates and napkins on an agricultural theme – their “friendly farm.”

Agricultural theme 1st birthday banner for high table $ 10

Straw for 1st birthday $ 7

Agricultural theme dinner plates $ 6

Dessert plates $ 3.50

Agricultural theme napkin $ 4

That little hat kills me.

Pet cake! Special order from White’s Bakery.

Happy birthday to our little one!


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