Stairs app review: save and invest to earn 4-6% interest


meIt’s much harder to find a savings account with a good interest rate than it was when I started writing a blog about personal finance more than a decade ago.

Then you could very easily find a savings account that would pay 3-4% APY on your money. While this won’t enrich you, at least your emergency fund doesn’t lose value every year due to inflation.

Today, you are lucky if you can find a savings account that will pay 0.50% APY, and storing any amount of money in a traditional bank is a loss.

Fortunately, there are other options today besides the traditional savings account. There are things like cryptocurrency savings accounts,, investment applications, in real estate crowdfunding.

I recently opened a crypto savings account where I earn 8.8% APY on my crypto stable coins. Although there is a risk and it is a relatively new idea, I have already earned more interest on this account in 2 months than on my much larger savings account all year last year.

I was involved in real estate crowdfunding sites like Groundfloor I also earned almost 10% interest on my invested funds. Again, there is a risk, but it has worked well so far.

Ground floor has recently released a new savings and investment app called Stairs by Groundfloor. The app allows you to invest your money and earn 4-6% APY on your money without locking the money for months at a time. Just set up automatic downloads and start earning. Raise when you need money.

In this review of the Stairs app, we’ll take a look at this new “saving” service and help you determine if it’s right for you.

Overview of the Stairs by Groundfloor app

Quick summary

  • The application is free to use.
  • Save automatically.
  • Earn 4-6% interest.
  • Withdraw at any time.

What is a stair application?

Stairs by Groundfloor is an app where you can earn a guaranteed 4-6% interest rate on the money you deposit. Although the app is technically an investment app, it looks and works like a typical savings account app.

You deposit money, they bring you interest. Withdraw at any time.

The only difference is that you invest your money in untraded, secured debt bills with Groundfloor. The minutes are secured by tangible assets, which in this case are real estate. This allows you to earn a higher interest rate than you would get in a traditional bank account, and more predictable returns than in the market. It also allows Groundfloor to get more flexible terms when getting real estate loans on its side. So everyone wins!

Eight years ago, we introduced GROUNDFLOOR as a completely new concept and in a completely new category, which in a new way opens the idea of ​​direct investment in real estate for everyday people without forcing them into a fund,Said co-founder and CEO Brian Dally. “Now that we’ve introduced the Stairs app, we’ve taken another big swing to rethink how anyone can start saving and investing better, gaining the benefits of investing in alternatives with the security of real estate-secured loans.”

If you already use Groundfloor, you may have already invested in Groundfloor Notes, secured promissory notes issued and secured by Groundfloor assets. Although you can get slightly better returns if you invest directly in these banknotes, you will not have the flexibility of Stairs, your money will be tied to these banknotes until they fall due up to 12 months later.

At Stairs, you invest in those same notes, but at the same time you get a lot more flexibility and a slightly lower rate. It definitely pays off, especially if you want to earn some good interest in a shorter period of time while maintaining cash liquidity.

Saving + investing: saving?

In his promotional materials, Stairs says they came up with the idea for the app because they wanted to offer a product that offers a better return than a typical savings account, while avoiding the rise and fall of short-term brings to the stock market. Why submit to market conditions if you don’t have to?

Their app offers easy access to a savings account while giving you real returns on real estate investments. They combined “saving” and “investing” in this “saving” app from Stairs.

Application for account for stairs

Registering for a Stairs account is extremely easy. The only requirement is that you need to have a smartphone, as the service is only available through their Android and iOS iPhone apps. Download them from the App Store or Google Play via our link below.

To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Click the link to open the Stairs website and download the app: Download the Stairs app.
  2. Register a new account. (Or sign in with your existing Groundfloor account, if you already have one).
  3. Connect a bank account for financing via Plaid.
  4. Transfer your first deposit.

It was pretty easy to get started, I started working in minutes and I was able to initiate my first deposit the same day.

What interest rate will I earn?

When you transfer your money to Stairs, you will probably want to know what kind of return you will receive on your money right away, especially since Stairs advertises that you can get a return of 4-6%. Who gets 4% and who 6%?

Here’s how it works.

  • All deposits in the Stairs application are eligible for an annual APY interest rate of 4%. Everyone gets it.
  • If you set up a recurring transfer and you will receive an additional 1% APY on your balance (90 days after activation).
  • Turn on “rounding” to gain an additional 1% APY on your balance (90 days after activation). When you make a purchase on your linked account, Stairs will round your purchase price to the next full dollar and then deposit that amount.

To sum up, everyone gets a 4% APY on their deposits. If you turn on repetitive transfers and rounding, you will receive an additional 2% after 90 days. easy.

Automate your investments

As mentioned above, you can automate your investments with Stairs in a number of different ways, which will bring you extra interest on your balance. (Each gives you an additional 1% APY).

You can turn on these two types of automatic investments in your app’s menu in the “Account Settings / Investments” section.

Recurring investment

You can make a recurring investment in the app by turning on this feature and then entering the amount in dollars. It will then prompt you to select a day of the month for the recurring download and everything is ready.

When you turn this on, a transfer from your linked account will be triggered on the same day each month and placed in the Stairs app.


Turning on rounding and filing is as simple as toggling a switch in an app to turn them on. When you turn on rounding in the Stairs app, it will track your associated bank account and round all purchases to the next full dollar and deposit that amount.

For example, if you buy coffee for $ 3.50, the purchase will round to $ 4 and invest a 0.50 cent difference in the Stairs app. Invest your spare change!

Is the Stairs app safe?

So the question needs to be asked, is the Stairs app secure or is it a scam?

Stairs launched Groundfloor with a long history (7+ years) as an innovator in real estate crowdfunding. They are a legitimate company and stand behind their products. Personally, I have had an account with them for several years and I am satisfied with them.

In addition to the fact that the business is only legal, other things need to be considered, such as the security of your money. Could you lose your money?

Investments backed by funds

Investments in the Stairs application are a debt record backed by real tangible assets, real estate related to those records.

No FDIC insurance

Funds transferred to Stairs are not secured by the FDIC. Because the account is not a traditional bank check or savings account, FDIC insurance does not apply to this account.

This account is an investment in a debt record. Investments are secured by non-traded secured debt bills. Like CDs or corporate bonds, debt bills offer consistent, fixed repayment dates and are backed by tangible, tangible assets (in this case real estate).

Although this investment is not secured by the FDIC, it is secured by a lien on residential real estate in the relevant debt records, making it relatively secure.

Stairs and minimum application fees

One of the most important questions when researching new investment products is, how much will it cost me? Are there monthly fees or an annual fee for managing assets under management? Are there commissions to withdraw my money or limits on the number of withdrawals I can make? Let’s take a look.

  • Minimum account: None.
  • Fees: None.
  • Deposits: Transfer up to $ 5,000 a week to Stairs.
  • Lifts: Withdraw at any time.

Once you raise or deposit funds, it may take 1-3 days for the funds to become available after publication.

So when you sign up for Stairs, there are no commissions, there is no minimum balance, the minimum investment is only $ 1, and there are no costs you should worry about to reduce your returns. The only limit I see is a maximum of a $ 5,000 deposit per week.

Stairs on the ground floor – a decent way to earn higher interest rates

If you’re looking for a good place to park your money where you can earn better interest than you earn on a regular savings account, and want to ensure your money stays liquid, stairs may be a good option to add to your investment portfolio.

They offer investors up to 6% APY on their money whenever you can withdraw it and you can even automate your investment to keep your stock growing.

There are places where you can find better returns for your money in the long run, especially if you can lock your money for a longer period of time. If you’re looking for an extremely liquid, short-term investment with a guaranteed return, this is definitely a good app you can check out.

If you’re okay because your money is a little less liquid, you may want to check out Stairs ’parent company, Groundfloor, where they advertise a closer 10% return. See our review below.

Overview of the Stairs application

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Stairs by Groundfloor app?

Stairs by Groundfloor is an investment application that provides you with a guaranteed 4-6% APY interest.

What fees does the Stairs app charge?

No commissions, no minimum balances and only a minimum investment of $ 1.

On which platforms is Stairs by Groundfloor available?

Stairs is available on iOS and Android mobile platforms. There are currently no desktop or web versions available.

Is Stairs a savings or investment app?

Stairs offers the benefits of a traditional savings application, but is in fact an investment application backed by unmarked secured debt bills.

Is the FDIC account for stairs secured?

The account is not a savings account with a bank, but an investment account. As such, FDIC insurance does not apply.

How much interest will I earn with the stairs?

All deposits are currently eligible for an APY 4% interest rate. You can earn an additional 2% APY (6% total) by setting up repeat transfer and turning on rounding.

Can I ever raise Stairs?

You can withdraw money at any time and your funds usually arrive in your bank account within 1-3 business days.


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