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New subscriber Get Rich Slowly sent me an email yesterday alerting me to two issues.

  • First, all the free resources I share on Google Drive have miraculously changed from publicly available to private.
  • Second, the automated email sequence for new readers is broken (meaning people don’t receive Manifesto of the money boss).

Fixing the email sequence will require some work. It wouldn’t take much effort to make it functional again, but while I’m blabbering on there, I could also make permission to review it. The data and examples are five years old. (Meanwhile, the current version Manifesto of the money boss can be downloaded here.)

However, fixing shared documents on Google Drive was easy. They should be publicly visible again. Let me know if they aren’t.

Get Rich Slowly file vault

This seems to be the right time to alert readers to this file vault Get Rich Slowly there is.

The GRS file vault contains a whole host of free resources that I have collected over the years. Some of these sources are from me and most from other people. Everything in the file vault is free and legal to share.

What cool stuff can you find in the Get Rich Slowly file vault? Here is something that is currently available.

The Get Rich Slowly file vault also contains a handful of files “GRS Originals”, documents I have created over the years to share with different target groups. These include:

  • Manifesto of the money boss, An 87-page e-book summarizing the Get Rich Slowly approach and philosophy. This is the same information you will find in various articles across this site. It is also a kind of working draft of what has become my Audible course.
  • Money boss method, which is a one-sided version of the GRS approach and philosophy. This is essentially an outline of a modern approach to financial freedom.
  • The a hundred words a poster I created in 2013 in collaboration with my friend Lisa. This is a short list of guidelines to help you me lead a happier life. Other people wanted a copy, so I added it to the file vault.
  • One-sided PDF with an exercise to help you create your personal statement of mission.
  • For my article on six levels of financial freedom, I shared a picture that summarizes the path from financial dependence to financial abundance. At the request of people, I created PDF version of this plan.

I would love to help get the Get Rich Slowly file vault.

If you know of other free resources that should be added to the GRS file vault, let me know. And if you notice any problems – if you can’t access the files – email me. My goal is to make this a fun and useful collection of things that people could browse.

Plans for the future

Now that Kim and I have decided our uncertain future, now that we’ve moved to Corvallis, unpacked and started living our new lives, I find that I have the time and motivation to post here again at Get Rich Slowly.

But I don’t want to set too high expectations! I’m not into wanting to write 3000-word articles on deep topics. Instead, I found that I wanted to follow three different aspects of the site.

  • First, I want to dedicate most of my time and energy to creating what I think is an online textbook on personal finance. This would be basically an organized collection of the most important and useful articles on this site and would be really organized as if it were a textbook. For example, I could take all the many articles on “getting out of debt” that I have written over the years and combine them into a single, definitive article on how to get rid of debt.
  • Second, I want to create a library of personal financial resources. I have dozens of book reviews on this site, but I don’t have an organized way to view them. I don’t do many reviews of personal finance products, but I would love to do more. (Or, more specifically, made by my business partner Tom.) And so on.
  • Finally, I want most of my “new” articles (as opposed to “old”, revised “textbook” works) to be short records of interesting stories I find online. Amazon forges search results? Shocking! What makes work meaningful? Think ahead the search for childlike joy? These are all things that might be interesting to GRS readers, but they don’t deserve articles with 3000 words, you know?

Anyway, I hesitate to share these plans because I know I have had poor results lately that I have actually realized my intentions. (So ​​I don’t have to be reminded of that haha.) But when I think about what I’d like to do with Get Rich Slowly, these are the main points I’m aiming for.


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