This is How to mark your home as a movie location


List your home as a movie location

When movies and TV shows have to show a house in a clip, they sometimes turn to homeowners in their area. This way, they can use an existing location instead of having to create a set or create a digital rendering. If you are interested in using your house for a movie or a show in exchange for some money, you can list your home as film location.

Contact your local film office

Governments often want to encourage film producers to make films in their area. Because of this, most local film offices have a focus on attraction entertainment-related companies, production and business.

Go online and check to see if your city, county, or country has a movie office. If so, you may be able to list your property in their location database. If the production has an interest in your property, they will be able to turn around and make a deal.

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Go to the movie location website

One of the easiest ways to list your home as a movie location is through a recording site. In many ways, these sites work like any other real estate publishing service. You will create a profile, share pictures of your property and give a description of the various features.

Which site is best for you usually depends on where the property is located. Some sites are city- or country-specific, while others are broader. If you’re not sure where to start, you may want to explore:

It is important to note that some databases charge fees. However, they are usually quite low.

When it comes to communicating about using your house as a potential movie location, your contact information may be in your profile, or the site may have the option of internal communication, such as a proprietary messenger. In any case, if someone is interested in your property, they can contact you to arrange a viewing and concluding a contract.

Collaborate with location scout

Another option for classifying your home as a movie location is to work directly with a location scout. These experts check the characteristics of filmmakers to see if they might work for their films. If they find an interesting option, they add it to their portfolio. Then, if your home matches the vision of the filmmaker, they will come forward and take care of everything you need.

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Has your home ever been a movie location? Have you decided to list your home as a movie location to see what happens? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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