ABC’s Abrams: Sheriff Albany accuses Cuom of “unusual maneuver” to “pressure” state prosecutor

ABC News chief legal analyst Dan Abrams told a commission on Good Morning America on Friday that the accusation of former New York Governor Andrew Cuom by the Albany County Sheriff’s Office was an “unusual maneuver” that “actually surrounded the district attorney.” . ”

Abrams said, “This is a very unusual maneuver made by the sheriff here. The sheriff actually went around the district attorney and went directly to court. I have spoken to many of the assistant district attorneys who have previously worked in this office. A few of them didn’t even know the sheriff could do it. The fact that the prosecution didn’t know this was coming tells you that it’s the sheriff trying to put pressure on the prosecution to actually file an indictment. But this creates a bit of a mess for them because now the defense, Cuom’s lawyer, has a very good legal argument to say that this accusation should be dismissed in its entirety.

He continued: “Even if you believe every detail of the accusation and think it is completely credible, it is really hard to win because you don’t just have to prove that it was intentional, you have to prove that it was done for the purpose of abuse, humiliation or sexual pleasure. This is difficult to prove. You may have a case here where the Attorney General says, look, I’m worried we won’t be able to get this case, but the sheriff says we don’t care, we should bring it anyway. ”

He added: “You will see that Cuom’s lawyer will try to dismiss this accusation, saying that there is not enough evidence here and that the procedure that was used should be declared invalid. We do know, however, that Andrew Cuomo will be in court to respond to this and appear. We don’t know yet where he is going from there. “

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