Amazon driver fired after video shows woman jumping out of van

A Florida Amazon the driver was fired after they noticed a woman jumping from the back of his truck.

The video was posted to Tik Tok last week and garnered millions of views, New York Post reported. The 11-second clip shows a blonde woman in a black dress and flip-flops being lowered from the back of an Amazon van van parked near what appears to be a residential neighborhood.


The Amazon Prime van is visible after it left its distribution center in Orlando, Florida, in July 2019. The driver was fired after a video appeared on social media showing a woman leaving the back of her delivery van. (Paul Hennessy / NurPhoto via Getty Images / Getty Images)

The driver appears to be holding the door open from the inside.

When she withdraws, she is spotted taking a cell phone from the part of the dress that covers her chest. What happened in the van was not clear.

Fox News said the driver is no longer in the company.

Amazon Data Center, Virginia. (AP Photo / Bebeto Matthews, file)

“This does not reflect the high standards we have for our delivery partners and their drivers,” said Amazon spokeswoman Maria Boschetti. “Allowing unauthorized passengers to enter vans is a violation of Amazon’s policy and the driver no longer delivers packages to Amazon customers.”

Fox News contacted the user who posted the video.

Another Amazon driver, Jacob Guerrero, 23, was September arrested because he is said to have put a lot of effort into filming girls and women using the bathroom at a Massachusetts mall. He allegedly disguised himself as a woman and attached a camera to his shoes to film his victims, authorities said.


The packages run along the treadmill in the hall of the Amazon Logistics Center. (Bodo Schackow / Alliance for Images via Getty Images / Getty Images)


Authorities said they found a series of videos and nude photos of 8-year-old girls on his phone.

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