At least 25% of the NYPD is still dissatisfied, mass retirements are expected

The New York Police Department (NYPD) is preparing for a “potential mass exodus” over the mandate of the Chinese coronavirus vaccine of far-left Mayor Bill de Blasi, New York Post reported Thursday.

According to the report, police officers on Thursday issued several notes for officers wanting to retire instead of hitting them, and on Friday booked an auditorium “for the NYC Police Pension Fund to process retirement documents with at least 20 years of service.” Anyone who has worked for less than 20 years and would like to resign is asked to come to the hall on Saturday.

“This is to help members who want to retire because of vaccination mandates,” the report said.

Police officers must prove that they received at least one shot on Friday by 5pm – employees who do not comply will be put on unpaid leave from Monday. As of Thursday, at least 25 percent of NYPD employees remained unvaccinated. The mandate also applies to firefighters, scavengers and most other city workers.

A police source denied “accidental notification” of “retirement,” noting that officials issued notices only four days before the request took effect.

“It’s just comical right now,” the source said Publication. “It’s all a mess.”

The head of the Detective Institution Association (DEA) said. Publication that 9,000 to 10,000 NYPD members are entitled to retire or “leave,” meaning they could opt for a “deferred and smaller retirement package,” the report states.

“There was no reason to rush,” DEA President Paul DiGiacomo said, noting that the mandate could have a “devastating effect on public safety” if the department lost too many employees. DiGiacomo told the publication:

The only reason the mayor is rushing this is for his own political gain. He intends to run for governor and currently has nothing to hang his hat on, as if to say he has the most vaccines in the country, forcing people into it.

Pat Benenlent Association Police President Pat Lynch said de Blasio’s tenure “prepares the city for a real crisis,” the Associated Press reported.

“Andrew Ansbro, president of the Uniformed Firefighters Association, warned that a longer response time would be“ a death sentence for some people, ”the report continues.

During a virtual briefing, the mayor insisted that his job and the purpose of the vaccination mandate was to “protect people”.

“And until we defeat COVID, people are not safe. If we don’t stop COVID, New Yorkers will die,” he said, noting that first responders protected the public and bore the burden of the pandemic before vaccines were even available.

On Wednesday, a Staten Island judge rejected a request by the police union for a temporary ban on approaching the mandate.

However, “next month, she instructed city officials in her courtroom to explain why the request should not be overturned. If the term of office is considered illegal, workers who are on leave will receive a backlog … “the report says.

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