Happy National Cat Day: There’s a new dating app for a “cat-oriented lifestyle”

If you want to be their lover, you have to be with them hairy friends.

We’ve all seen profile images in a dating app: a guy posing with big fish, a guy hugging a big dog, a woman with cats glued to her cheeks. And we judge.

But there is a new one app – Tabby, dating app for “a cat-oriented lifestyle” – this could help singles overcome some misconceptions. It’s also a great way to trend #National Cat Day, aka Friday, Oct. 29 The creator is equal bravely ABC’s “Shark Tank” tonight to prove it.

“If you could tackle something that’s really most important to you, that’s the only thing that’s helpful [in a dating app], “Leigh Isaacson, co-founder of Tabby, told The Post. Her dating app is for people who are also willing to” find the love of the human race. “

A short-haired cat sits up close on a cat tree or apartment


According to a recent study, 43% single they believe that they can determine the identity of a dating app user only on the basis of their profile pictures. Posing with a pet can indicate some positive qualities such as responsibility and care. However, research shows that there is a common stigma associated with cat ownership, as one recent study shows that some heterosexual women “found that men who have cats are less suitable for dating,” as opposed to men with dogs, reports Conversation.

Of course, the cats were the owners long oppressed by the stereotype of the “crazy cat lady”., and a survey of women with cats in 2019 showed that 62% of them agree that it is prejudice. A cautious 21% of women surveyed even hide their ownership of cats until they are convinced that their potential pair is suitable for pets.

A beautiful young woman relaxing at home and hugging her beautiful white Persian cat with yellow eyes.  (iStock)

A beautiful young woman relaxing at home and hugging her beautiful white Persian cat with yellow eyes. (iStock)


And then there’s the most tragic scenario for singles with cats – to find out that the person they thought was “the one” turned out to be allergic to their fur. Or that they simply don’t care about coexisting with animals

Since cat owners put so much stock into their pets, it’s weird that it took so long for an app like Tabby.

“Pets are much more important than what many other niche dating apps offer,” Isaacson told The Post.

Maybe it’s on one thing: another a recent survey revealed that an estimated 68% of Americans in a relationship would stand up for their pets and are willing to break it up with their partner if not everyone could understand each other. Even more – 71% – thought that judging the character of their pets in another person was better than their own.

Isaacson and sister New Orleans-based Casey Isaacson launched Tabby, otherwise known as international Cat Day. Following the success of their original dog-focused dating app, Dig, which debuted in 2018, the duo took Tabby to ABC’s “Shark Tank”.

Their presentation on Sharks will be aired in a new Friday episode at 8pm CET – in which Isaacson invited Tabby’s pendulum-loving, cat-loving representatives – pet-influenced Nathan Kehn (@nathanthecatlady) in Sterling Davis (@the_original_trapking).


The original app arose from Casey’s romantic troubles – a relationship that was broken because of her dog. “She told me,‘ I wish I knew from the start that this wasn’t going to be because of the dog, ’” Isaacson said.

The couple knew they had a good idea, based on all the responses they came to that idea with wide eyes. It was “of course this will work [look], ”She recalled.

Pet ownership “is the way people already find love” because they are looking for company, Isaacson added – so why not lean back? “That makes a lot of sense.”

New episodes “Shark tank“are broadcast on Fridays at 8pm on ABC and are available for streaming Hulu in Hulu live.

This article first appeared in the New York Post

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