Mayorkas issues a letter repealing Trump’s “Stay in Mexico” policy.

DHS issued a note on four pages signed by the Mayorkas, who sent a relevant document to the relevant heads of the constituent agencies dealing with migrants and asylum seekers. a detailed explanation for the termination of the policy.

The court rejected President Joe Biden’s first attempt to abandon politics, and the administration then announced preparations to continue implementation in the light of the verdict – outraged activists and Democrats who believe the policy is deeply immoral and contrary to international law.

Earlier this month, a cadre of advocates staged a virtual walk from a meeting with top members of the Biden administration to protest their decision to pursue certain immigration policies pursued under the former president, including the MPP.

Mayorkas said in the letter that DHS “fully respects the district court order,” although the department continues to challenge it in court and is now trying to formally overturn it.

Friday afternoon DHS announcement comes exactly a month after the department announced to issue a new memorandum aimed at ending the policy in a way that would better withstand the legal obligation. At some point, it’s the Biden administration applies to the revised version of the MPP but Mayorkas said he was strongly opposed to the idea.

“After carefully considering the arguments, evidence and perspectives presented by those who support the re-implementation of the ILA, those who support the termination of the program and those who advocated the continuation of the ILA in a modified form, I concluded that the ILA should be abolish. , ”Mayorkas wrote in his note.

Mayorkas acknowledged that the policy “probably contributed to reducing migratory flows”, but did so by “imposing significant and unjustified human costs” on those forced to reside in Mexico while their claims were dealt with .

“Important evidence shows that individuals awaiting court hearings in Mexico under the ICC were exposed to extreme violence and insecurity by transnational criminal gangs that benefited from the exploitation of migrants’ vulnerabilities, ”the memorandum reads.

The letter states that the amendment will enter into force immediately, but will certainly face additional legal challenges, such as the one that prevented a previous attempt to repeal it.

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