Report: Ice Cube releases Sony film ‘Oh Hell No’ after rejecting COVID-19 vaccine

Actor-rapper Ice Cube has reportedly left the Sony movie Oh hell no after refusing the vaccine against COVID-19.

Ice Cube will no longer play alongside actor Jack Black in the comedy after he turned down producers ’request for vaccinations, he says report v Hollywood Reporter. Because of his decision, Ice Cube is deducting from the $ 9 million salary for the film.

Oh hell no filming is set to begin this winter in Hawaii, but it is now set to postpone the start date as it is set to replace the actor.

Hollywood does not have a vaccination mandate for the entire film or television industry, with individual productions developing their own vaccine rules. The result was sometimes chaos, with a discussion of the vaccine supposed to play teammates and co-workers against each other and causes delays in expensive productions.

Among other celebrities who have rejected or expressed skepticism about the vaccine Black Panther: Wakanda forever star Letitia Wright, who caused a media storm when she posted her skepticism about the vaccine on social media.

Letitia Wright in Marvel’s Black Panther.

Other celebrities who have publicly expressed reservations about the vaccine or vaccine mandates are the rapper Nicki Minaj, rock icon Eric Clapton, and comedian Jim Breuer.

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Ice Cube is supposed to be a promoter of masks donated 2000 masks August to students at Bacone College, Oklahoma.

The rapper, who became an actor, was not shy to oppose a left-wing Hollywood group to follow his own beliefs. During last year’s presidential race, Ice Cube gravitated toward former President Donald Trump working with the president’s campaign on an economic and educational plan for black Americans.

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As a result, Ice Cube he was ridiculed by the mainstream media to cross the political divide. MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough accused him of taking the side of racists, and NBC’s Saturday night live mocked him in a comic sketch.

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