The Conservative group is targeting baseball leaders with an ad during the World Series

Heritage Action targeted Major League Baseball (MLB) executives with six-digit ad sales during the third game of the World Series in Atlanta, Georgia, in response to a postponement of the All-Star game earlier this year, which cost the state economy an estimated $ 100 million.

The Conservative Policy Advocacy Organization is trying to take executives accountable while stuck on a trip to Atlanta for the third game of the World Series, despite the venue of the All-Star Game changing away from Peach State.

While the ad is targeted to executives during the game, Heritage Action also targeted people watching the game in various cities in Georgia, such as Atlanta, Savannah, Columbus, Macon, Augusta, Albany, in addition to Washington, DC.

The MLB changed the scene after Georgia passed the Voter Integrity Act, which the far left mistakenly described as a voter repression law and compared it to the Jim Crow era.

“In April, MLB leaders woke up a match of stars from Georgia to punish Georgians for a common-sense election integrity law,” Heritage Action CEO Jessica Anderson said in a statement. She noted that the “cash move” of the left, which forced MLB to move the game, “cost local businesses and workers about $ 100 million in revenue.”

Anderson explained that the left justified MLB moving the game after President Joe Biden’s White House and Stacey Abrams spread lies about voter integrity laws, noting that Abrams “continues to encourage many lies that her own gubernatorial elections were stolen. “

“However, the people of Peach did not give in to their intimidation and the leaders of Georgia did not withdraw from the integrity of the election. This is truly poetic justice for Georgians, ”Anderson continued.

The approximately 30-second ad says:

Georgia has adopted election security reform, and Major League Baseball has punished the country. They canceled the All-Star Game in Atlanta, which cost the Georgian economy $ 100 million.

Now baseball is back for the World Series and the same awakened executives will be here to share the trophy. Why is there no boycott of baseball now?

Even MLB knows the truth. Georgia’s new electoral reform law is fair and guarantees equal rights for all voters. Georgia did the right thing. Thanks to Governor Kemp and legislators for defending fair elections.

“Despite the best efforts of the awakened crowd, the Braves bring the World Series to the country for the first time since 1999, and the silence of the awakened executives is deafening. They have learned important lessons: when you wake up, you are broken, ”she added. “Georgians thank Governor Kemp and lawmakers for opposing the awakened crowd and facilitating voting and gross fraud in Peach State.”

Jacob Bliss is a reporter for Breitbart News. You can follow him Twitter.

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