Actor, producer Christopher Ranney arrested on charges of child sexual abuse

New Mexico actor and producer Christopher Ranney was arrested last week on charges of sexual assault involving a child under the age of 13, reports report from Albuquerque magazine.

Ranney, a prominent member of the New Mexico film community, has been charged with first-degree criminal sexual intrusion (includes a child under 13), criminal sexual intercourse / minor second-degree (includes a child under 13, undressed) and bribery witness.

A statement for the arrest says Ranney was charged after the girl told her mother she had been touching her inappropriately since she was 8 years old. report from New Mexico Santa Fe.

The oath adds that the 48-year-old confessed to the crimes and apologized after the confrontation. Ranney is said to have been detained in Santa Fe County.

Ranney has produced more than 30 projects and has been involved in television shows and movies Breaking Bad,, Justice, in A night of fear, in his words IMDb page.

The actor and producer is also said to be a former co-owner of Sol Acting Studios in Albuquerque, which offers acting and production courses to young people as well as adults.

“Ranney has never run a youth program at Sol, and we’re equipped with cameras in our building, so nothing like that can happen inside our walls,” Ron Wiesberg, owner of Sol Acting Studios, said in a statement. Albuquerque magazine.

“We can only continue to reassure our customers and associates that we have not seen any evidence of these activities, nor would we sit idly by if we knew,” Wiesberg added. “We have put our heart and soul into this endeavor and so we will continue to do so.”

Sol Acting Studios also announced that as of October 18, 2021, “Chris Ranney is no longer with Sol.”

According to the data, the pre-trial hearing for detention is scheduled for 2 November New Mexico Santa Fe.

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