Biden cruises around Rome with a procession of 85 cars in front of the “climate” summit

President Joe Biden drove through Rome on Friday accompanied by a convoy of about 85 vehicles.

Move received criticism ahead of a global warming summit planned in Glasgow, Scotland, reports New York Post.

Videos showed long procession coming to the Vatican:

“It’s not exactly carbon-friendly,” is one of the social media users commented.

“Funny, no man needs that much escort,” others said he replied.

Biden routinely stated that there is a “climate crisis” due to fossil fuels. However, it was not clear how many cars in the procession were electric or hybrid, and these appear to be typical limousines, SUVs, and vans.

Washington Post A Seung Min King reporter said in a White House report that he was driving 85 vehicles in the procession. New York Post Article.

“The president’s home procession usually includes only a few dozen vehicles, not including those used to block traffic,” the issue continued:

It is possible that the White House was not responsible for much of the protective detail. Security is generally the responsibility of the host country, and U.S. law enforcement provides security columns for foreign leaders in DC. Biden embarked on the trip on Thursday after unveiling a $ 1.75 trillion framework for social and environmental spending, which includes $ 555 billion for green energy and anti-pollution spending that he wants Democrats to adopt.

Meanwhile, Biden warned on combating the “root causes” of global warming recently, even as he spoke about his presidential travels in the United States, Breitbart News reports.

During a speech in New Jersey, he recalled his long summer helicopter trips to see the damage caused by forest fires in the West and the damage caused by hurricanes in other areas.

“With my Build Back Better plans, we will address the root cause of increasing extreme weather and destruction. Climate crisis. We have a climate crisis, ”Biden said.

He added: “This year I flew all this nation by helicopter …”

Biden will generate about 2.2 million pounds of carbon during an excursion to Europe to talk about climate change. Daily mail reported.

“The huge carbon footprint is made up of £ 2.16 million of carbon dioxide generated by four large planes that make up his air escort on a trip to Italy and Scotland, where the president will speak at the COP26 summit on changes in Glasgow, with the rest emitted by Biden’s cars, “they wrote in the issue.

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