Brain freezing! Olivia Rodrigo says ‘Shoehorn’ Biden really gave her a spoonful of ice cream

It turned out a a “strange” gift the President Joe Biden gave “good 4 in” to the singer Olivia Rodrigo during a summer visit to the White House was not as unusual as the fact that Rodrigo was distracted by what was.

The singer blamed her mother for freezing her brain in a post on Instagram on Thursday.

“Thanks to my mom for telling me that this ice cream cone is President Biden’s shoe horn, and let me repeat that on national television lollllll,” she joked.

Rodrigo listed her presidential gifts in the “good bag” of the White House during her performance on Tuesday at “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

Gifts included a pair of airplane sunglasses and M&M.

“He also gave me a shoe bag, which was weird,” she said. “It had the presidential coat of arms on it. I’m serious! It’s in my house. ”

Biden’s official scoop is a sign of his famous love of ice cream.

Rodrigo visited the White House to urge young people to get vaccinated against it COVID-19.


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