Carlson of the FNC: The “ultimate hope” of the mainstream media to perpetuate “fraud” is censorship

Tucker Carlson of Fox News argued that the last sigh of survival of the mainstream media came in the form of censorship to maintain their “monopoly” and that they used Big Tech to make it possible.

Carlson explained that the media, including CNN, is still obsessed with former President Donald Trump, even though he has been out of office for nine months, and their TV ratings are suffering as a result.

Carlson said media companies are determined to eliminate competitors instead of adapting.

CARLSON: About 20 minutes before the 2016 presidential campaign, it was pretty clear that the American media was terribly dependent on Donald Trump. Apparently they hated Trump, but they also needed Trump for life, and that’s the face of addiction.

If you’ve ever seen a man grimace while shaking warm vodka before breakfast with trembling hands, you know what it looks like.

So there really was never any question of what would surely happen when the press organizations were finally cut off from their vital daily supply of Donald Trump. They collapsed in a pile and that’s exactly what they did, they collapsed.

On Tuesday, for example, no show on CNN, once the world’s most important cable news channel – “It’s CNN” – not a single show on the entire channel reached even 800,000 viewers, which is really small. Chris Cuom would be better off doing free concerts in the park, which he may be doing soon.

So when Trump is gone, the old formula no longer works. This is easy to understand.

What is more confusing and harder to understand how they reacted to this fact? So let’s say you’ve made billions of dollars over the years selling crispy rice delicacies to a hungry public, dentists may have complained about what you’re doing, but for you, it was always a great deal and you assumed it would last forever because it always we think all good will last forever, but it is not.

Eventually, consumers began to realize that marshmallow coated with breakfast cereals is not a very healthy food. It tastes great in the beginning, eat enough and you start to feel sick.

So they started buying less of what you were selling. Are you following the topic?

How would you react to that? Well, if I was smart, I would probably just rename it, change the color, add vitamin supplements, rename the product. You could call it a crispy treat made from kale or a food bar for a healthy life. They would find that people don’t want sweetened trash, they want something that is good for them, so they would sell it to them. This seems like a pretty rational choice.

What you probably wouldn’t do if you sold crunchy rice delicacies to a fast-paced market is to make sure you’re not in the snack business, but on some sort of God’s mission. We would not argue that eating marshmallows is an essential moral imperative. They would not attack their own consumers because they prefer something else.

I wouldn’t condemn them as crazy or racist because they eat less sugar. We would not try to ban the Atkins diet to make keto illegal. It would be crazy if we did that, we would go bankrupt.

And yet the abandoned media have decided to do exactly that, as they are threatened with extinction. They intensified moral outrage. They turned self-righteousness all the way to 11, and above all, they pretended that nothing had changed and that Donald J. Trump was still stepping on the horizon like a big orange colossus threatening the very existence of this fragile nation.

We are not exaggerating. Here’s a recent sample of cable news reporting in this country, and while watching, keep in mind that each of those shots was taken this week.


BRIANNA KEILAR, CNN HOST: Election officials are increasingly afraid for their lives as Donald Trump continues his big lie.

POPPY HARLOW, CNN LEADER: President Trump continues to encourage lies about elections, about election results across the country.

DON LEMON, CNN HOST: Where would we be – where would we be today if Trump’s White House simply listened to science?

UNIDENTIFIED MEN: Trump wants to annul the next election. He wants to overturn the last one. He wants to disagree. He wants to limit voting and annul elections at the state level.

JEFFREY TOOBIN, CHNN’S CHIEF LEGAL ANALYST: Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy condemned the rebellion, condemned Donald Trump.

WOLF BLITZER, CNN HOST: President Trump has found a surprisingly new platform to spread the big lie.

MOLLY JONG-FAST, LAR EDITOR, “DAILY BEAST”: I think with Trump, Trump is always bad for democracy.

ERIN BURNETT, CNN HOST: She metastasized far, far away from President Trump, right, from multiple sources. I hear you there. However, the original cancer was President Trump.


CARLSON: What a strange show. No wonder no one is watching. Who would watch that? But listen to what they say. Trump wants to annul the next election, shouts the fluffy dwarf. Everyone has.

Okay, I understand.

But the fact is, Donald Trump is no longer the president of the United States. He currently plays golf in Florida. Good for him.

What about what’s going on in America right now? Tons of change. Maybe you could explain it to us or even tell us about it. No. They refuse. And they refuse because they are caught at an earlier age. They cannot adapt to the new reality. When you think about it, it’s depressing. That will be all of us someday.

It is certainly very sad for them. Until a few years ago, hosting a Sunday show on television was considered very high, especially in Washington. Nobody cares now. This is irrelevant.

Imagine if you’re the host of one of these shows, Chuck Todd doesn’t have to imagine. He is the host of one of these shows. All his life he tried to get this performance to find that it wasn’t worth having. No wonder it seems so bitter and fragile.

It’s here earlier this year.


SEN. RON JOHNSON (R-WI): It started when the mainstream media stopped – they gave up any pretense of being impartial, and they actually chose the parties during that election. This fire started when you completely ignored, for example, our investigation into Hunter Biden.

You know, there’s no evidence of a misdemeanor and now we find out after the election, no, there’s a lot of evidence to the point that we have a real FBI investigation.

CHUCK TODD, NBC NEWS LEADER: Senator, all right. I’ve had enough of hearing that.

JOHNSON: That’s – no, listen, I’ve had enough of that, too.

TODD: Senator, it’s – you’ve spent the last two years –

JOHNSON: You have created a situation where Republicans and Conservatives do not trust the mainstream media and that is what has destroyed the credibility of the media and our institutions and really undermined confidence in this election result.

TODD: That’s right. No, the destruction of the institution –

JOHNSON: So, I didn’t start that.


CARLSON: Senator, I’ve had enough. Chuck Todd literally can’t stand even listening to someone criticize the American media. But now he has to. Calm down, Chuck. No one cares what you think anymore. Your moral authority is long gone, along with your relevance. You scream into the void. They all are.

Deep down Chuck Todd knows that. Everyone knows this, but instead of accepting the truth about themselves and their careers, instead of changing their behavior or gaining brand new skills – that would be nice – or graciously retiring to Cabo, this is coming for all of us again, it won’t be . They have one last hope to keep their scam alive, and that is censorship.

Thus, dying media companies have convinced themselves that they can somehow gain government and their friends, technology monopolies, to shut down their rivals, perhaps they can keep that as well. They may be important and profitable businesses again. Maybe we can go back to 2003, a time when people procrastinated with their golf games to watch “Meet the Journalists”. Wouldn’t that be great?

This is their goal, as misguided as it is, and it explains why all of a sudden journalists of all are leading the charge against the First Amendment, which you thought made their work possible. This tells you exactly why they so obsessively hate FOX News and also “Substack”. This is the key to their campaign against what they call misinformation.

Now, if you’re a literally thinking person and we certainly are, you’d laugh every time you hear them say that. Wrong information? Aren’t these the same people who told us that Putin elected Trump? Those who swore there was some high school student from Kentucky in the Clan? Yes, the same people.

So of course they are not against misinformation, obviously. The point is, they want to restore their monopoly over this and they’re trying to do that.

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