De La Cruz-Hernandez: I will give the Spaniards representation in Congress

Texas Republican nominee Monica De La Cruz-Hernandez said yes Breitbart news on Saturday this weekend, South Texas and Latinos would finally secure adequate representation in Congress.

De La Cruz-Hernandez was originally expected to run against combat representative Vincente Gonzalez (D-TX) until the news surfaced last week to leave voters in his current, competitive congressional district – the seat sought by Republicans like De La Cruz-Hernandez – by choosing to run in another congressional district that would be a safe democratic district to have a higher chances of winning, 34th Texas Convention District.

De La Cruz-Hernandez said Gonzalez’s news was “a great development for our district, for the country and the nation. Because finally, South Texas, the Spaniards down here, will get the representation they deserve, ”he notes, adding that there are“ conservative values ​​”in South Texas and they will be best represented with it.

The Republican claimed Gonzalez voted with Nancy Pelosi 97 percent of that time, so he is vying for second place because he “proved he was just strong” and focused on himself instead of his constituents.

“Awakening of Spanish culture is happening in South Texas,” explained De La Cruz-Hernandez, who was a Spanish Republican in the area. “Their awakening to see my values ​​of religion, family and freedom no longer aligned with the Democratic Party … I think President Trump did it to shake up the establishment. He shocked the people with the words, ‘Pay attention to this, what’s going on. ‘ … that’s what the Hispanics do. “

She explained that the “liberals” in recent months have shown exactly how far left they have become, adding that they are “moving towards socialism.” Immigrants coming to the United States from countries like Venezuela, Colombia, and Cuba “don’t want … they don’t want socialism. So they are moving towards the Republican Party. And they don’t just move. They are running against the Republican Party for security in the country they love. “

De La Cruz-Hernandez explained that despite Gonzalez announcing his departure from the district, her campaign did not stop and that she would win in the interim: “The truth is, we were in a great race in 2020. now running a great race. We didn’t stop. It doesn’t matter if the Gonzalez Center is in our district, outside our district, it doesn’t matter what the Democrat wins in Texas 15. The Monica team, we will win in 2022. “

Acknowledging that the district has not been represented by a Republican in its 120 years of existence, she said changing the seat to a Republican would be historic and “when we win, it will be a metric size … no county along the border in Texas has ever turned red.” we turn, we will elect in Congress the first Republican, a Spaniard, to represent the great state of Texas.


“I think this is a pivotal moment in the Republican Party,” De La Cruz-Hernandez said of her victory in Texas ’15th Congressional District. “We’ll all look back 10-20 years ago and say, ‘This is the moment, this is right here in the 2022 election’ … where the awakening and Spanish culture have finally come to the Republican tent.”

“I believe that in 2022, Republicans will not only win five seats in the House of Representatives. They will win 10 [to] 20 seats because these people in the Democratic Party simply don’t understand what the everyday American feels and what he feels, ”she said.

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