Democrats are donating $ 100 billion to economic migrants, businesses

The Democrats ’$ 1.7 trillion Social Democrats bill includes about $ 100 billion to speed up immigration and ensure the well-being of the children of poor migrants.

White House document published on Thursday says the money will be used to provide a layer for migrants and speed up border processing for many migrants:

The Build Back Better framework includes a $ 100 billion investment that will improve our immigration system by providing long-awaited relief to millions through reconciliation and improvements to reduce backlogs, expand legal representation, and make the asylum and border processing system more efficient and humane.

The bill, released by Parliament, includes some spending plans, such as $ 2.8 billion to speed up the issuance of green cards and citizenship to migrants. None of the $ 100 billion would be spent to complete former President Donald Trump’s border wall or to build more prison cells for drug smugglers.

Construction teams will install new sections of the border walls on Wednesday, January 9, 2019, visible from Tijuana, Mexico. U.S. President Donald Trump left a negotiating meeting with congressional leaders on Wednesday – “I said goodbye,” he tweeted – as efforts to end the government’s 19-day partial closure fell into a deeper mess over his demand for billions of dollars to build. a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border (AP Photo / Gregory Bull).

But Democrats want to include major shifts in migration policy in their bill.

Democrats want to amnesty millions of migrants through “Plan C”Or“Plan D. ” The Senate Arbitration Judge may consider the plans to be policy and not budget, so they are excluded from the Senate version of the spending plan.

Democrats also want to increase the number of future immigrants by “regaining” green cards that were allegedly “wasted” in the years when the flow of legal immigration fell below the legally allowed maximum. In most cases, green cards were issued in the following years in accordance with laws requiring the used green cards to be redirected to existing backlogs. The details of this plan are confusing, but proponents of companies that support migration are hoping for it. an additional 2.2 million imported consumers, tenants, and workers to take jobs and homes that would otherwise belong to young Americans.

Still, a Senate judge can rule out these projects because Democrats are trying to bring their spending plan to the Senate through a special “reconciliation law”.

The House plan would also allow at least one million visa-importing workers to circumvent the annual green card limit, and allow millions of chain migrants to bypass the multi-year queue to enter the United States. This plan, despite its large scale, was covered very little in the establishment media.

Had this been approved by a Senate judge, these visa worker and chain migration policies would have imposed significant economic and civic costs on Americans. For example, a change of visa worker would result more Fortune 500 employment discrimination against millions of American graduates in many professions. Expanded chain migration would force Americans to pay even higher rents and mortgage costs in major coastal countries.

Founding media neglect impact. For example, on October 28, Mike Bloomberg’s page just said“Parliament’s draft also includes provisions to help people in the legal immigration system by returning unused green cards, which allows some immigrants to adjust their legal status more quickly and circumvent some general visa and country restrictions.”

It was provided by President Joe Biden’s border manager Alejandro Mayorkas hint on Friday on how it wants to quickly translate more wage-lowering and rent-raising migrants into what it insists is an “immigrant nation”: “The United States is working bilaterally and multilaterally with countries in the Western Hemisphere to promote humanity enforcing borders and improving legal routes throughout the region. “

US President Joe Biden stands by Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas (left) following the signing of executive orders on immigration at the White House Oval Office in Washington, DC, on February 2, 2021. (Photo: SAUL LOEB / AFP) (Photo by SAUL LOEB / AFP via Getty Images)

U.S. President Joe Biden stands by Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas (left) after signing executive orders on immigration at the White House Oval Office in Washington, DC, February 2, 2021 (photo by SAUL LOEB / AFP via Getty Images).

Legal channels include a a new flight program for foreign children v The United States if their parents of illegal migrants can obtain semi-legal status in the United States. Eligible parents include illegal migrants who can persuade local police officers to serve as witnesses if a crime, even a minor crime, is caused by another illegal or completely counterfeit.

Mayorkas also said he wanted to hire bureaucrats to quickly grant green cards to migrants at the border – and thus citizenship, without any deterrence from judges or judgment from groups acknowledging the economic harms of migration:

Once in force, the asylum official’s rule should represent a transformation and a long-term shift in the processing of asylum applications, which will ensure prompt and fair processing in a way that ensures appropriate results and realistically follows the workflow.

Achieving the objectives of the rule will require significant investment in resources, training and staff; To fully implement this new process, USCIS will need to quadruple the current corps of asylum officials.

A $ 100 billion offer from Democrats would provide Mayors with a lot of money to hire more migration-friendly asylum officials.

However, most of the $ 100 billion may go to the social security spending of migrants who have brought children across the border since 2009.

Breitbart reported On October 29, an analysis of the social plan of the Center for Immigration Studies, which states:

We estimate that illegal immigrants will receive $ 8.2 billion in payments from the new program annually – more than three times more than they were eligible under the old [Additional Child Tax Credit] – while legal immigrants will receive $ 17.2 billion. The 10-year cost for illegal immigrants alone would total about $ 80 billion.

Consumption would likely encourage many migrants to urge their domestic relatives to bring their children across the half-open border of Mayorkas and into American communities and schools.

The social security plan is also an economic gift to investors in Walmart, Target, Safeway, Giant and other retail and grocery stores because a large portion of the social assistance money would be spent in these stores.

The plan is also an economic gift to coastal states run by Democrats, where the majority of illegal migrants choose to live. Additional migrants would lower the wages of Americans from the blue states and raise their taxes, but they would also help blue state businesses make more profits and increase the wealth of blue state owners and real estate investors.

Democrats are ignoring public debate about their unpopular plans to subsidize illegal migration.

for example Politico reported at Friday’s congressional meeting where President Joe Biden debated the spending bill. The report did not mention immigration, but highlighted climate-related spending:

A Democratic source in the room for Biden’s visit noted that he praised the infrastructure law and deliberately highlighted its ingredients that would be most appealing to advanced people. Chief among these are the provisions of the Climate Change Resistance Act and assistance with lead pipelines across the country that continue to expose children to toxins in the water …

Democrats on the House Rules Committee plan to meet again immediately Monday to resume their approximately $ 1.75 trillion investment in climate action and the safety net.

Pelosi and her management team have instructed House Speaker committees to formalize their revisions to Biden’s original 1684-page bill by Sunday night. After a five-hour hearing on the Social Expenditure Bill on Thursday, Democrats plan to meet again on the House Rules Committee on Monday to resume their approximately $ 1.75 trillion investment in climate action and the safety net.

GOP leaders in the Representation and Senate are likely to oppose the overall spending plan, mainly because it would fund the conversion of many migrants into Democrat voters. Many additional Democrat votes would be a direct threat to the posts of GOP legislators after 2028.

a lot polls show that labor migration is deep unpopular because it harms ordinary Americans career opportunities, reduces their cries, and raises their rents. Migration also inhibits Americans productivity, shrinks their political impact, expands regional wealth gaps, and destroys their democratic citizenship policy, which encourages compromises culture.

For many years it was a wide diversity from interviewers to have shown deep in wide opposition to labor migration and inflow temporarily contract workers to jobs sought by young U.S. graduates.

tole opposition is multiracial,, cross sex,, non-racist,, based on class,, bilateral,, rationally,, Persistently, in recognized the solidarity that Americans owe to each other. The voting – in census data – shatters the 1960s pro-migrant advocates’ claim that Americans must live in “a nation of immigrants. ”

But business and progressive groups insist that 300 million Americans must subordinate their families to the goal of elites to import high-wage migrants. “Citizenship Day is a reminder that it is the job of each of us to ensure that America remains a country worthy of the aspirations of immigrants,” Biden he said in a video Sept. 17.

In 2013, Alejandro Mayorkas, now President Joe Biden’s border manager, stated that the homeland of the Americans is “a nation that has always been and stayed forever a nation of immigrants. “

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