Exclusive – Glenn Youngkin: McAuliffe, the ‘godfather’ of modern advanced people

This was stated by Republican gubernatorial candidate Virginia Glenn Youngkin Breitbart news on Saturday that his election day campaign will be with a “ton of momentum” as Virginians reject Democrat Terry McAuliff – the “godfather [the] the modern Progressive Democratic Party ”- and its disruptive campaign as voters unite around issues of education, lower taxes, better jobs and a fundamental desire for a government that“ doesn’t tell us what to do all the time ”.

Talk to Breitbart news on Saturday on the eighth day of his ten-day bus tour, Youngkin said his campaign has “a lot of momentum” and “tremendous enthusiasm,” and expressed confidence that “we will win this” election.

Surveys show that education is one of the most important issues for voters in Virginia, and Youngkin explained that “everyone sees Loudoun County, Virginia, as the zero basis for a fundamental requirement of parents to play a role in educating their children.”

Virginia law, he said, states that parents have a fundamental right to make decisions about their children’s education, but school boards exclude parents and Democrats approve. While parents stand up for their fundamental right, “Terry McAuliffe says you have no right,” Youngkin said, showing a deep contrast between him and his Democratic opponent.

“He wants a government between parents and their children – politicians and bureaucrats who dictate what our children do,” Youngkin said, referring to the “explosive” issue of covering up the alleged attack and rape in Loudoun County, noting that officials knew and tried to hide. .

Instead of investigating concerned parents with President Biden’s blessing, Youngkin said, the FBI should investigate the matter. He said there should be resignations and dismissals, and promised that the new state prosecutor would “address the issue”.

Youngkin pointed out that education problems aren’t just big in Virginia, and noted that he gets feedback from parents across the country who say the same issues are happening in their areas. He said your parents were asking, “Please, Virginia, make a statement for us.”

Terry McAuliffe is “a great government oversight politician who can only dictate and tell people what to do. And I will work on behalf of parents, children and even teachers. This is our time to make a fundamental statement and change the direction of education in Virginia, ”he said, adding that Virginia’s education system has been“ diluted ”under Democrat leadership for the past eight years.

“After eight years of Democrat governors… we’ve watched Virginia’s education system watered down, standards being lowered to the point where 62 percent of Virginia children can’t pass the 8th grade math exam. 62 percent! And we watched as the parents were pushed out of the classroom. We observe teachers who want to teach their children to think, if we tell them no, they teach them what to think. The whole system is now broken, ”he said, adding that he would continue with the new charter school initiative and return control to parents and teachers.

Overall, Youngkin said parents are concerned about problems with the kitchen table, such as lower taxes, better jobs, safer communities, better schools, and smaller government.

“These are the issues that Virginians are so focused on, and these political tricks that are just divisive and pale have no place in Virginia or any politics and Terry McAuliffe shows his true colors and people reject it,” he said. , which refers to stunts pulled Friday in hand Never Trumpers in Democratic operatives, standing in front of his bus and holding a tiki torch – an obvious sign of racism and white supremacy.

“Virginians absolutely reject this biased separating policy that has been a trademark of Terry McAuliff’s 43-year political career. I mean, he’s a godfather [the] a modern progressive democratic party and sees that everything is falling apart, ”Youngkin said. “He sees it crashing on him because the Virginians reject it.”


McAuliffe, Youngkin continued, is “panicked” because he sees Youngkin’s campaign successfully uniting Virginians and winning over independents in all areas.

“And Terry McAuliffe, let’s see if we can divide people into buckets and make my bucket bigger than yours and say anything and do anything and spread lies and make up headlines and let shady PACs do disgusting things. They just refuse, ”he said.

“It’s not just for Virginia,” Youngkin said of Tuesday’s race. “It’s for America and the Virginians can make a statement about what our future may be.”

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