Exclusive – Glenn Youngkin: McAuliffe wants ‘government between parents and their children’

Democrat Terry McAuliffe wants a “government between parents and their children,” Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin warned during a speech in Virginia. Breitbart news on Saturday, who identified education as one of the most critical issues in the Old Dominion a few days before the election.

A Washington Post survey released on Friday, education was identified as the number one issue for Virginia voters heading to Tuesday’s gubernatorial race, and Youngkin said chaos in Loudoun County, Virginia, has essentially raised concerns to a national level.

“Everyone saw Loudoun County, Virginia, as a fundamental desire of parents to play a role in educating their children,” he explained.

While he said Virginia law stipulates that parents have a fundamental right to make decisions about their children’s education, school boards exclude parents. While parents advocated for their fundamental right, Democrats opposed it.

“Terry McAuliffe says you have no right. He wants a government between parents and their children – politicians and bureaucrats dictate what our children do, “he said, briefly mentioning the” explosive “official cover-up of the alleged rape and attack in Loudoun County and warning that the FBI should investigate instead. . targeting concerned parents.

Youngkin said the problem is also outside his country, as he has received feedback from concerned parents across the country who say the same issues arise in their local communities. They feel like they have no vote because there is no election, and he said they are asking Virginia residents to “make a statement for us.”


In the end, the Republican governor’s creditor said McAuliffe is “a great government oversight politician who can only dictate and tell people what to do”.

“And I will work on behalf of parents, children and even teachers,” he said, adding that this is “our moment to make a fundamental statement and change the direction of education in Virginia.”

“After eight years of Democrat governors… we’ve watched Virginia’s education system watered down, standards being lowered to the point where 62 percent of Virginia children can’t pass the 8th grade math exam. 62 percent! And we watched as the parents were pushed out of the classroom. We observe teachers who want to teach their children to think when they are told no, they teach them what to think, ”he said. “The whole system is broken now.”

Youngkin has promised that his administration will continue the initiative of charter schools to give parents a choice and ultimately leave control to parents and teachers.

He added on Tuesday that the Virginians “can make a statement” for the nation “about what our future may be”.

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