Exclusive – Glenn Youngkin: Terry McAuliffe ‘Last’ Tiki Torch Stunt

Glenn Youngkin, a Republican candidate in the upcoming race for governor of Virginia, said Breitbart news on Saturday that Friday feat in which five individuals claiming to be his supporters stood in front of his campaign bus and held torches of tiki – an obvious nod to white supremacy – “sit on McAuliffe’s feet” and condemned Democrats to take racism and white supremacy and did it for a pre-election trick.

While discussing his recent rise in elections, Youngkin made it clear that “polls do not win elections. The votes count. “But he said he witnessed” huge “enthusiasm on his bus tour, noting that the race is not just typical of” Republicans vs. Democrats. ” the democratic opponent sees unity.

“That’s why Terry McAuliffe is panicking. I mean, this feat they did yesterday is sitting at Terry McAuliffe’s feet. I mean, he’s the owner. And that was the most disruptive, it was the most disgusting. I mean, he took racism and white supremacy , which is absolutely unacceptable, and he did it for the campaign, ”Youngkin he said.

The Never-Trump Lincoln project later took liability for fraud. One of those involved include Lauren Windsor, Democratic operative.

“And I don’t care who takes responsibility for it. That’s what the Democrats did. And that’s completely pale in Virginia. It’s not in line with Virginia’s values ​​- it’s not in line with any values. The Virginians absolutely reject this biased separating policy that has been a trademark of Terry McAuliff’s 43-year political career. I mean, he’s a godfather [the] modern progressive democratic party and sees that everything is falling apart. He sees him crashing on him because the Virginians reject him, ”the Republican said.


Youngkin said Virginians are more interested in problems with the kitchen table, such as lower taxes, better jobs, safer communities, the best schools, and a government that “doesn’t tell us what to do all the time.”

Youngkin announced that the Virginians would make a “big statement” by rejecting the “politics of the past” in this election.

“And Terry McAuliffe, let’s see if we can divide people into buckets and make my bucket bigger than yours and say anything and do anything and spread lies and make up headlines and let shady PACs do disgusting things. They just refuse, ”he said of the Virginians.

“It’s not just for Virginia. It’s for America and Virginians can make a statement about what our future may be like,” he added.

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