Fact-checking: Donald Trump’s statement about Alec Baldwin is fabricated

Claim: The picture shows a statement by Donald Trump calling Alec Baldwin a “complete loser”

The image, which claims to show former President Donald Trump’s statement criticizing actor Alec Baldwin, has become popular on social media platforms.

“A great president – me – once said, ‘I could shoot someone and not lose any voters,'” he writes in alleged statement, shared on Instagram Oct. 27.

The text continues: “Now Alec Baldwin, a complete loser, has raised his impression of me anew by testing this theory. Alec, you are not me! Now you are going to prison as you should be because of that horrible, horrible work you done in SNL – which I hosted. “

Oct. 21, Baldwin emptied the prop gun on the set of “Rust” near Santa Fe, New Mexico, accidentally kills cameraman Halyno Hutchins and wounds director Joel Souzo. Baldwin he tweeted the next day that he “cooperated fully with the police investigation to consider how this tragedy occurred.”

The image posted on Instagram is not dated, but other versions are included Facebook in Twitter show Oct. 27 and a banner of “Save America” ​​Trump’s statements usually contain.

Meanwhile Trump said he could “shoot anyone and not lose voters,” the picture in the post doesn’t show the right statement. A Trump spokesman denied the claim.

Verification of facts: The claim that actor Alec Baldwin was fired from the SNL is a satire

USA TODAY turned to an Instagram user who shared the post for comment.

In this photo from a July 24, 2021 file, former President Donald Trump talks about various topics to supporters at the Turning Point Action meeting in Phoenix.

A Trump spokesman declined the statement

Trump, which remains prohibited on Twitter and Facebook, he posted statements on his website for several months. They are often shared on Twitter Liz Harrington, Trump spokesman and Margo Martin, his Deputy Director of Communications.

Neither of them posted the statement shown in the post on Instagram.

Martin and Harrington did not immediately respond to USA TODAY’s request for comment. But Martin told Check your fact an independent fact-checking organization, the picture “is not a real press release.”

Verification of facts: A painting by Alec Baldwin wearing a T-shirt titled Guns’t Kill people is a satire

There is also without record alleged statements on Trump’s side. Archived versions the website shows several statements published on October 27, but none mention Baldwin.

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Based on our research, we are estimating a CHANGED picture that is supposed to show Trump’s statement calling Baldwin a “complete loser”. Trump’s deputy director of communications said the statement was not a real press release. There is no record of the alleged statement on Trump’s website.

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This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Fact-checking: Trump did not call Alec Baldwin a “total loser” in a statement.

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