Fact-checking: remains found in a Florida park with the identification of Brian Laundrie, not the alleged twin

Argument: The remains found in a park in Florida are Brian Laundrie’s twins, not his own

The monthly hunt for Brian Laundrie, the fiancé of travel blogger Gabby Petito, whose disappearance and death engulfed the nation, ended Oct. 21 when the FBI determined that the partial debris found in the Carleton Reserve in Florida belonged to a laundromat. But some on social media aren’t sure.

“Brian Laundrie has twins I know (this)!” reads an October 21 post on Facebook with more than 20 shares and 70 likes in one week. »2 were born one died before these bones are his twins. … Don’t believe the family story or the media story that these guys aren’t dead and their (sic) is a huge cover-up. “

The claim that Laundrie has twins is not new. Posts on Tik Tok in Twitter made the same claim. But there is no evidence that it is true.

A forensic dentist told USA TODAY that the dental records the FBI used to identify Laundrie will also vary between identical twins. Laundrie’s only known sister is Cassie Laundrie.

Verification of facts: Police and debunk health investigator claim DNA does not match in Brian Laundrie’s case

In response to a USA TODAY request for comment, the person who posted the post said via Facebook Messenger that he is a medium and determined that Laundrie is alive under a new identity due to collusion between the FBI and Laundrie’s family. There is no evidence to support these claims.

The leftovers are laundry

FBI said in a statement Oct. 21 that a comparison of dental records found that the human remains found at the Carleton Reserve were the remains of Brian Laundrie, thus ending the search for the missing 23-year-old.

Forensic dentistry is often used to identify residues when decay or other circumstances, such as fires or natural disasters, make other methods of identification impossible. American Association of Forensic Sciences.

Jim Lewis, a forensic dentist, told USA TODAY that even if Laundrie had an estranged twin, their dental records would separate them.

“Although identical twins will be genetically identical, there will still be radiographic morphological (forms) differences in individual tooth roots, pulp chambers (nerves) and dental crowns,” Lewis said in an email.

He added that there will be differences in the number and location of dental restaurants such as fillings and crowns, the morphology of these restaurants and other anatomical features.

“With proper dental / medical records, even positive identical twins can be easily identified,” Lewis said.

Verification of facts: The FBI has confirmed that Brian Laundrie was found dead, not arrested in Mexico

Laundrie’s only known sibling is Cassie Laundrie, who urged her brother to “come and get us out of this horrible mess.” interview with “Good Morning America” while he was missing.

The FBI Denver, which is handling the case, declined to comment. Laundrie family lawyer Steven Bertolino did not respond to a USA TODAY request for comment.

While looking for laundry, similar observations are common

Many misconceptions while Laundrie is missing have probably convinced some to have twins.

Gone is an unknown man who looks strikingly similar to Laundrie viral on TikTok under the @notbrianlaundrie handle after asking for advice on how to tell suspicious passersby that he is not a Florida fugitive.

“I just want to put all the rumors away,” he said he said in his first video, sewn next to another video that is supposed to spot Laundrie probably showing it.

Another double, Severin Beckwith, was detained at the resort after a concerned Fontana Lake marine officer apparently warned U.S. marshals, reports the New Yorker.

But none of these individuals were identified as a blood relative, much less a twin, Laundrie.

Our assessment: incorrect

Based on our research, we estimate that the claim that the remains of Brian Laundrie’s twin were found in a park in Florida was LOWLY rated and not his. There is no evidence to support this claim. A forensic dentist said the USA TODAY dental records used by the FBI to identify Laundria will also vary between identical twins, and Laundrie has only one known sibling.

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