GOP representative Palmer upsets Biden’s energy policy – expect “an increase in the number of people dying from cold-related diseases”

Representative Gary Palmer (R-AL), chairman of the Republican House Political Committee and a four-member Republican member of the House of Representatives, warned that President Joe Biden’s approach to energy policy would have serious consequences.

Speaking on Mobile, AL radio FM Talk 106.5, Palmer said he expects more deaths due to “cold-related illnesses” as a result of Biden’s policies, which he said would cause energy prices to rise and make it harder to heat the elderly. their homes.

“This will be for seniors in the United States and seniors in the UK, the UK, Scotland,” he explained. “This will make a big difference to them because energy costs, household services will rise – some people anticipate between 40-50%. For people living in the United States in the colder parts of the country – Jeff, you can check this out. You will see an increase in the number of people dying from cold-related illnesses because they cannot afford to keep their homes warm enough. This is a scandal in Europe. I’m looking at a report here in the Guardian that says that an average of 9,700 deaths die each year from living in a cold house because they can’t afford to keep their homes warm enough. They have to choose between what they can afford for the utility bill and what they need for food and medicine. You will see this in the United States. “

“So yeah, this trip will make a difference,” Palmer continued. “You’re talking about democratic policies that have already been responsible for the thousands of people dying from COVID in nursing homes in New York and Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Michigan. This will only contribute to a large increase in energy costs. “

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