Mom is said to have been banned as a school volunteer at the expense of fans only

The mother was reportedly banned from volunteering at the school for her children after someone informed school officials about her OnlyFans account.

Victoria Triece, 30 years old, voluntarily for the past five years at Sand Lake Elementary School in Orange County, Florida, where classes are attended by her children ages five and ten, NBC Miami reports.

“I’ve always wanted to be involved in this aspect of life,” Triece said he said, according to the Orlando Sentinel. “My mom did it for me and it was the best joy to have her growing up.”

NBC Miami reports that Triece has no criminal records and has passed background checks and other requests.

Allegedly, Triece was informed that as of Oct. 13, she could no longer volunteer for the Orange County ADDition Volunteer Program (OCPS), according to Orlando Sentinel. An anonymous parent reportedly told school superiors that Triece had a OnlyFans account.

OnlyFans is a website where subscribers pay account holders to access exclusive content. Many content creators on the site, including Triece, post sexually explicit images and videos to subscribers.

“OnlyFans is a social platform that revolutionizes the connections between creators and fans,” is the mission of the website. countries. “The site includes artists and content creators from all genres and allows them to monetize their content while developing genuine relationships with their fans.”

By WESH, Triece he said she was humiliated and I shouldn’t and no one else should worry about what the other parent is doing. I like spending time with my children and I have a great relationship with other parents and students, ”she said.

Triece has filed a lawsuit and her agency has notified the school district that it intends to sue for $ 1 million, reports NBC Miami.

At a news conference on Oct. 28 at NeJame Law, where she represents her, Triece spoke about the alleged ban, Sentinel reports:

This affected a parent who went and paid to see my content, and then they had to send these photos of me to school and prevent me from being around the kids anymore, which I did and dedicated my life to a good five years. I don’t know who they told what I was doing. And now I’m supposed to step into the building and I don’t know what was said to my son’s teacher … I don’t know what anyone at this school said about me.

Her lawyers Mark NeJame and John Zielinski said their client never received a school notification of the decision, Sentinel reports.

“She understands that there will be a certain percentage of parents who will rise into their moral arms and wave a discriminatory finger at her and say,‘ We don’t want you near our children, ’” NeJame said. to the Sentinel. “Well, they wouldn’t know about it because she hid it from the kids. You can’t access it unless you’re an adult. “

The 30-year-old says she created her OnlyFans account more than two years ago and that her work was no secret. Orlando Sentinel. The publication reports that in 2016, she set up a public account on Twitter, posting images that are less explicit and links to her OnlyFans account.

Micahel Ollendorff, an OCPS spokesman, declined to comment on the matter, citing “potential, unresolved or ongoing lawsuits,” Sentinel reported.

She says she dressed appropriately during her volunteering and had a positive relationship with her parents and elementary school staff, Sentinel reports. Her lawyers said the OCPS informed them before the press conference that she could monitor field trips, but she is not allowed to volunteer on campus, Sentinel reports.

“One minute of my job a day is not my whole life, it’s not my mom’s or parent’s life,” she said, according to the magazine. “I think everyone is just desperate because they say to themselves, ‘We know you, we know who you are.'”

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