Mom: The 6-year-old was asked if she was born evil because she is white

The mother told the Loudoun County School Board that she had removed her children from public schools after her six-year-old daughter asked her if she was born evil because she was white.

Critical Race Theory researcher Christopher F. Rufo tweeted a video of a mother from Loudoun County addressing the school board.

The mother said she pulled her children out of public schools in Loudoun County (LCPS) and are now thriving. She continued:

We explicitly moved them out of the LCPS because of the quick and uncompromising political agenda of the supervisors Williams, Zeigler, and the school board who imposed them on us. The first was in the early spring of 2020, when my six-year-old came grimly to me and asked me if she was born evil because she was white. Something she learned in history lessons at school.

“Then you kept schools closed for a year and a half, despite science showing that it is safe for children to return,” she continued. “You have now covered up the rape and arrested, humiliated and falsely accused the parents of being domestic terrorists.”

LCPS to be continued on the covers with several scandals.

High school students shouting, “Loudoun County protects rapists” organized a walk this week following a decision by juvenile judge Pamela Brooks, who found a high school student dressed in a skirt guilty of forced sodomy and forced fellatio in sexually assaulting a girl in the bathroom for girls.

He was the same guy, too charged with a recent sexual assault this month on another girl at another high school in Loudoun County.

However, Scott Smith, whose daughter was attacked during the first incident in May, became the central theme of the story of a parent’s fight with school officials when he was dragged from a school board meeting on June 22 and arrested when he heard about school. Officials supporting transgender bathrooms deny that sexual assaults were reported in those premises.

LCPS Supervisor Scott Ziegler also said he was unaware of any attacks that had occurred in the bathrooms.

As Breitbart News reported last week, Ziegler is later recognized, after parental outrage, the school district “failed” to provide security for its students.

Smith and his wife, meanwhile, have apologized to the National Association of School Boards (NSBA) for calling parents outraged by the actions of local school boards and school officials “domestic terrorists.”

The mother, who addressed the Loudoun County School Board, said she would like to return her children to LCPS because private school is expensive, and hopes her children will be able to walk out of school with friends from their community.

“I don’t allow you to destroy our schools,” the mother concluded. “They’re not your schools. They are our schools. You should all be ashamed and you should have the moral courage to admit that you are wrong and resign. “

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