Texas police officers ‘laughed’ when Biden’s aides asked for help from ‘Trump Train’ truckers: lawsuit

Texas police officers “laughter” and “joke” as desperate Joe Biden campaign aides asked for protection from »Trump’s train«Cars and trucks birth and even collision with the highway campaign last year, according to an amended lawsuit filed Friday.

Text messages and recordings and transcriptions of several calls to the San Marcos Police Department included at least a humorous and outspoken refusal to assist one official when he was contacted by Dispatcher 911.

We will not do that, ”Said a San Marcos police corporal, first reported by The Texas Tribune. “We’re not going to follow the bus.” He joked that Biden’s bus should “drive defensively and be great.”

When Dispatcher 911 told the campaign assistant to call back if he felt threatened, the employee replied, “Are you kidding, ma’am?? I was threatened several times with a collision of vehicles “- and again asked to be escorted along the highway in south central Texas.

Despite requests for help during the dangerous 90-minute clash on the highway, “there were no San Marcos police officers or other police cars in sight,” the lawsuit said.

Biden’s bus and accompanying cars were chased by a “train” on the freeway as they headed to pre-election events a year ago.

In one collision, a Biden campaign car was filmed being forced out of the lane by a pro-Trump truck while surrounding vehicles drove about 70 mph. A man who identified himself as the driver in this accident boasted that he “broke this jerk” on Facebook.

After reckless cascades that apparently threatened the safety of all nearby drivers, then-President Trump sang in a tweet, “I LOVE TEXAS!” in he described Trump’s train drivers as “patriots”. On Twitter, he boasted that confrontation is on trend.

Biden’s campaign canceled events for fear of security.

The lawsuit, filed by campaign workers and former Democratic State Sen. Wendy Davis, who was on the bus, blames the San Marco Police Department and the city fails to protect campaign caravan “despite repeated calls for help”.

He also accuses officials of violating federal lawsuitsKu Klux Klan A law prohibiting threats or intimidation of voters.

A another similar lawsuit against the organizers and participants of the Trump Train, they are also accused of violating the law against the clan.

When the lawsuits were first filed, Protect Democracy Adviser Cameron Kistler described “the multitude of Trump supporters involved in pre-planned vehicle attack”» A startling example of the use of fear, intimidation and threats of violence to silence political enemies. It’s exactly the kind of behavior that would be deterred by the Clan law. “

The San Marcos Police Department did not immediately respond to calls for comment.


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