The LA area will experience falling temperatures by Monday, forecasters say

Low clouds and fog on Saturday in the Los Angeles area caused low temperatures that are expected to persist until the end of the week, meteorologists said.

Temperatures in downtown Los Angeles were about 10 degrees below normal due to colder air mass coming in from the ocean, said Rich Thompson, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Oxnard.

“In the morning, we had low clouds and fog all the way to Van Nuys and Burbank,” he said. “It’s starting to finally disperse right now, but it looks like the deep sea layer and fog will continue for the next few days.”

The situation for Halloween is expected to be similar, with a foggy morning in coastal and valley areas followed by an afternoon clarification, Thompson said. According to him, temperatures should remain 6 to 10 degrees below normal.

Things are expected to start warming up in the middle of the week, with most areas reaching near-normal temperatures in the 70s and low 80s by Friday or Saturday, he said.

There was less chance of light rain further north, in San Luis Obispo County, on Monday and then Thursday, Thompson said. It is possible that a few hundredths of an inch would have fallen there, but no precipitation was expected from the system in Los Angeles, he said.

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