The ‘strike note’ lawyer tore up Mike Pence as he hid from the ‘hanging’ mob on Jan. 6: report

The lawyer who wrote the infamous “impact notes”Angrily accused the then vice president of discarding the results of the legitimate presidential election Mike Pence for the “siege” of the Capitol as rioters made a pilgrimage through the building on Jan. 6, the Washington Post reported Friday.

Donald Trump lawyer John Eastman attacked then-Pence’s chief adviser, Greg Jacob, as he and Pence were under guard and hiding while the crowd ran through the Capitol.

“The siege is because YOU and your boss didn’t do what was necessary to allow this to be broadcast in a public way so Americans could see for themselves what happened,” Eastman wrote to Jacob, according to Eastman. and referred to Trump’s baseless allegations of voter fraud.

Jacob quoted his email in an article he intended to publish earlier this year, but did not decide in the end. The draft article was obtained by the Post Office.

Eastman “showed a shocking lack of awareness of how these practical implications are implemented in real time,” Jacob wrote in the draft, the Post reported. He called Eastman’s relentless legal advice on how to topple Americans’ votes a “bunch of failed legal theories.”

Jacob wrote in the draft column that Eastman and Trump were former personal attorneys Rudy Giuliani were part of a “cadre of outside lawyers” who “woven a web of lies and misinformation” in an attempt to pressure Pence to issue his oath and constitution by refusing electoral votes, the Post wrote.

Eastman confirmed to the Post that he had written an email to Jacob, but denied blaming Pence for the violence. He insisted that the election was “past widespread fraud”, which is not supported by any evidence.

Eastman was part of Trump based on the “war room”. at the Willard Hotel in downtown Washington, DC, after Biden’s victory, planning how to undo the results presidential election.

A House of Representatives selection committee investigating plans for the Jan. 6 uprising to summon Eastman.


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