The truck retires without accidents in 27 years, three million miles

A truck in Mahoning County, Ohio, recently performed its last shift without ever having an accident.

That means he worked for 27 years and drove three million miles without major problems, WKBN reported Friday.

Jeff Harley enjoyed a police escort to Friday’s retirement celebration, which took place at the Yellow Truck Terminal in Beaver County.

Friends and family members attended to cheer him on.

In his entire career, Harley has never recorded an accident.

“Can you imagine 3 million miles without hitting a deer? You don’t hit a curb for 3 million miles. How many people a year can go unpunished for speeding? ”Mandy McHenry, the terminal manager, told the agency.

Videos showed he waved to people from inside his truck while a clerk in a vest took photos and gave him a thumbs up for his achievement.

McHenry said WFMJ that he was an outstanding employee at the time he was with Yellow.

“He does a lot for our company, he does a lot for our city, he does a lot for his family and for his co-workers and that needs to be recognized and appreciated,” she said.

Harley and his disabled son were escorted to the yellow terminal by OSP soldiers, the Mahoning County Deputy Sheriff, and Beaver County Police.

When they arrived, Harley was greeted by co-workers who lined up in front of the building and socialized over baked goods and coffee.

His son received a yellow “swag” that included a T-shirt and hat.

Harley told the WFMJ that he had made many good friends while working for the company, adding that he had managed to get this far without a single accident if he was “just paying attention”.

Social media users praised his great achievement writing, “A sign of a true professional!”

“Thank you for your safe operation of your vehicle over the years. Cheers for your retirement, ”another person said commented.

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