Three women were found locked in a house in the Vermont Trafficking Incident

Law enforcement in Vermont rescued three women who were locked in an apartment. Officials believe the women were imprisoned against their will in a trafficking scheme.

According to CBP officials this week, members of the Vermont State Police, the ICE Homeland Security Investigation, and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection flight crew teamed up to conduct a raid on October 22 in a stockpile of alleged human trafficking. The law enforcement team carried out two investigation orders in Rutland, Vermont, which led to the discovery of drug and human trafficking activities.

“Prior to the execution of the search warrant on 146 Maple St., law enforcement received signs that the women may be detained at the location against their will,” Vermont state police officials wrote in a written statement. “During the execution of the order at Maple St. 146, VSP soldiers and HSI special agents uncovered evidence suggesting potential human trafficking, including locked apartment doors and multiple storage rooms.”

Officials said they found three women behind the locked door of the apartment, using them as storage. Medical teams assessed three victims of human trafficking and found that they were in good health. A human trafficking specialist came and started working with women to investigate the crime.

The CBP Air and Marine Operations flight crew provided air surveillance during the operation, officials said.

“The collaboration between CBP, HSI and our law enforcement partners has made it possible to successfully rescue women who have been imprisoned against their will,” said Jeremiah Rogers, acting director of the Manassas Air branch. “Our flight crews are constantly working with our federal and local law enforcement partners to provide airborne components.”

The ban on and investigation of drug and human trafficking was carried out by the Homeland Security Investigation, the Anti-Trafficking Center, the Vermont State Police Tactical Services Unit, the HSI Boston Field Office Response Team, the Criminal Investigation Office, the Narcotics Investigation Unit and uniformed soldiers from the Field Force Division, the Rutland City Police Department, and the Rutland County Sheriff’s Office.

Police arrested one person on the spot. Officials said an investigation into the incident was still ongoing.

Officials did not say what drugs, if any, were found in the investigation.

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