Trump’s attorney blames Mike Pence for riots at the Capitol as the vice president hid from the mob

Kot Mike Pence took refuge in US Capitol from armed rioters who threatened to hang him, Trump’s lawyer sent an email Vice Presidenthis best legal adviser to accuse him of being responsible for the massacre.

John Eastman, who advised the former president Donald Trump on how to overturn election results, he emailed Mr. Pence’s chief adviser, Greg Jacob, during the attack on the U.S. Capitol to accuse them of deadly riots.

“The siege is because YOU and your boss didn’t do what was necessary to allow this to be broadcast in a public way so Americans could see for themselves what happened,” Mr. Eastman wrote.

The Washington Post reports that the e-mail exchange took place when Mr Pence and his advisers were under armed guard in a safe area.

Mr Jacob wrote about the email exchange in a draft opinion he wrote in January, but decided not to publish it.

Mr Eastman “showed a shocking lack of awareness of how these practical implications are implemented in real time,” Jacob wrote in draft article obtained Washington Post.

Mr Eastman, the author of the so-called “coup memorandum”, confirmed this publication the authenticity of the email exchange, but said he did not blame the vice president for the riots.

Note, which became public in September, asked Mr Pence to exhibit the results in the US Senate “without asking permission”.

Mr. Eastman’s record, which never materialized, asked to try to put pressure on the vice president to interrupt the usual process of reading the Electoral College vote by suddenly announcing that Arizona had sent “several electoral sheets.”

An article on Eric Jacob’s opinion offers new details on Trump’s legal team’s efforts to pressure Mr Pence to annul the election results.

Mike Pence chairs January 6 confirmation of election results (POOL / AFP via Getty Images)

Mr Jacob blamed a “cadre of outside lawyers” who “weaved a web of lies and misinformation” for Trump to force Pence to block President Joe Biden’s confirmation of victory.

Jacob wrote, “The vice president never wavered before a flurry of bankrupt legal theories, just as he never left the Capitol building when the attack began.

He further called for an investigation into whether Trump’s lawyers “severely abused their powers.”

“Vice President Pence rejected the false legal theories presented to him and did his duty. An investigation needs to be made into whether the president’s outside lawyers have done their part. “

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