Trump’s attorney, John Eastman, said in comments before Jan. 6 that “courage and a backbone” would help Pence send elections to Parliament.

Eastman made the remarks, discovered by CNN’s KFile, on former Trump senior adviser Stephen Bannon’s radio broadcast on Jan. 2 – just two days before Eastman informed both Pence and Trump about his controversial record about how Pence could annul the election and just four days before Jan. 6 when he spoke at a rally before the attack on the U.S. Capitol.
CNN reported on Tuesday that Parliament’s select committee is investigating Jan. 6 plans to summon Eastman if he decides not to participate in its investigation.

Eastman’s minutes describe a scenario in which Pence would ignore the votes of the Electoral College of seven states – so that no candidate would receive the 270 Electoral College votes needed to declare a winner – and thus throw the election into Parliament. Each state delegation would then have one vote for president, and since Republicans controlled 26 state delegations, a majority could vote for Trump’s election victory.

Eastman argues that the letter does not reflect his own views, and outlined a scenario where Pence would reject the electoral vote and therefore reject the parliamentary election as not “feasible” and “crazy” to proceed. in comments for the National Review. He too told CNN the letter was a draft.

In an interview with CNN, Eastman said his statements were consistent and that he told Pence during their January 4 meeting that returning the election to Parliament was a “weaker argument” and did not advise that in the end.

“My statement on Bannon on January 2 acknowledges that this was one of the scenarios that was discussed. But the question I presented to the vice president when he asked me openly, I told him, I said, ‘This is open. the question, “which is true. And I said, “I think that’s a weaker argument,” which is true. And that’s why I advised him to procrastinate, not to take that step, ”Eastman said.

After CNN pointed out that Eastman did not state on Bannon’s radio show that the possibility of the parliamentary elections being ranked was a “weaker” option, Eastman replied, “That’s right. Because it was a radio show.”

“I didn’t go down into the whole legal debate about weights and shortcomings. I said, ‘These are things, these are some things that have been proposed.’ This was certainly one of the paths suggested by a lot of people.Was this the advice I ended up giving to Pence? No, because I told him I found it silly to do it, even if I had that authority. “

After the attack on the Capitol and before the memorandum was first published last month, Eastman to maintain that he is encourage the postponement or suspension of election validation, especially after the Vice-President published a letter on 6 January he said he could not comply with demands to postpone or even overthrow the election.

But a few days before the January 6 election confirmation, Eastman suggested that Pence could do exactly what his minutes outlined.

In an interview with BannonEastman was pressured whether it was possible to persuade Pence to reject the election through a conditional election – the procedure used to elect a president if no candidate secures 270 votes of the electoral college – or in another “alternative way”.

Eastman argued that conditional elections are one of two possible avenues.

“I think if the vice-president, as chair of the joint session, at least agreed that because these matches are not resolved, we can’t count these voters. That, that, that means no one has a majority. Voters,” he said. things – so that these constitutional challenges are solved – or they say, ‘Okay, well, we don’t have voters from these countries that no one has a majority. That goes to parliament. “

“Any route requires us to look at what actually happened here and get to the bottom,” Eastman said.

Recently discovered comments are coming after published video Democratic activist Laura Windsor, who posed as Eastman’s supporter and admirer to encourage him to talk to her. Eastman boasted in the video of the importance of the memorandum, which he recently tried to reduce as a draft, and blamed Pence for not transferring it because he is an “establishment man”.

‘Courage and spine’

V interview with Bannon from 2 January, Eastman hinted that if Pence had enough “courage and backbone,” he could ruin the election.

“Can we assume this will be a top-notch battle?” Bannon asked.

“Well, I think a lot depends on the courage and backbone of the individuals involved,” Eastman replied.

“When you just said courage and spine,” Bannon said, “are you talking about the other side of football? Would you be, would you be, would it be nice to say a guy named Mike, Vice President, Mike Pence?” Bannon asked.

“Yes,” Eastman replied.

Trump echoed Eastman’s rhetoric about courage when he spoke at a Jan. 6 rally. “I hope Mike has the courage to do what he has to do,” Trump said.
V another radio interview from January 4th – the same day Eastman met with Pence to present options on how to overthrow the election – Eastman said there was a “very convincing” view that the vice-president could cast votes even though he did not say clearly what he wanted – delay or sending home.

“If someone were to say that I don’t like the results, even though they were done correctly and there is no evidence of fraud, I don’t like the results because I will confirm my favorite voter list. The political reaction to that would be so severe and so quick and it doesn’t “No one would do that. And no one has done that in 150 years. But here we have a systematic violation of state laws by election officials,” Eastman said.

“This level of corruption simply cannot exist. And I think because of that, I think the exercise of the vice president’s powers here is very convincing,” he said.

In an interview with CNN, Eastman said he did not remember what he meant by saying the vice president’s power was “very convincing,” but reiterated that he believed the vice president had the power to postpone the election and that the return of the election was in Parliament weaker than the two arguments.


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