Trump’s social media company was given a 30-day deadline to stop violating the software license

Donald Trump‘s Social Truth the media company was given a 30-day period to stop violating the license of the former president’s code base program obviously raised.

“We sent an official letter to the Chief Legal Officer of Truth Social requesting that the source code publicly available under license, «Is written in the statement of the developers of the open source software Mastodon.

“The so-called ‘Truth Social has’ 30 days to comply or the license may be permanently revoked’ on November 26,” the statement said. Trump’s company was alerted Wednesday.

In the exhumation of the former president, the statement also wrote: “Of course I would rather if people who are so contrary to our values they did not use and benefit from our work. But the reality of working on free software is that you give up the choice of who can and can’t use it from the beginning. “

Trump’s venture hasn’t officially begun yet, but the initial version, already online, seems to use Mastodon software, which the launch has declared to be part of the “proprietary” business – which it isn’t. The use of the word “proprietary” is “worrying,” Mastodonta said in a statement.

Mastodon developers are committed to community ownership and public accessibility.

“Social networks, back in your hands,” advertises the Mastodon website. »Post everything you want: links, images, text, video. All on a platform owned by the community and without ads. “

The base code can be used by anyone – provided that users meet the Mastodon licensing requirements. Its AGPLv3 license (short for Affero General Public License, version 3) requires that the Mastodon source code and any changes be made. available to the public who uses it.

“It simply came to our notice then [Truth Social’s] conditions [of service] neither any other part of the Website contained any references to Mastodon, nor any links to the source code that are present by default in the Mastodon user interface, ”the Mastodon statement said.

Truth Social did not respond to a request for comment from HuffPost.


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