UCLA v. Utah stories: Bruins have a QB question; Utes found the answer to his own

UCLA supporter Bo Calvert fired Fresno state defender Jake Haener.

(Marcio Jose Sanchez / Associated Press)

Bo Calvert suddenly took over one younger brother, alternating between Ethan and Josh. Then the younger siblings would go against each other.

The goal was to get to the couch at the family home. One brother introduced himself as a ball carrier and the other as a defender standing in his way. The only thing that was definitely lost was the couch.

“We had a broken couch, which we just kept because Mom knew we were going to break another one,” Bo said, “so it was just our couch.”

The brothers will gather again on Saturday. Bo will be UCLA’s starting outside goalkeeper, and Ethan and Josh are Utah’s back defenders. Ethan, a rookie, appeared in one game and Josh, a newborn in a red shirt, could make his debut in the season against the Bruins; is listed as Devin Lloyd’s reserve, who has to miss the first half after being called in last week for targeting.

Bo, the younger red-haired man, said a family from California and Nevada was also expected to attend the game in addition to Utah. David’s father David could have been particularly torn while watching the match, as he briefly played for Ute.

“I love both programs,” David said, “and I’m grateful that my kids aren’t on the playground at the same time and they’re hitting each other.”

Bo will say, “I hope I manage to create a good picture with them after the game and I hope to smile a little more than they do if we pull off that win.”

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