We advise Queen Elizabeth II, 95, to rest for two weeks

LONDON (AP) – Queen Elizabeth II has been advised to rest for at least the next two weeks, accepting doctors’ recommendations to perform only light duties and not travel, Buckingham Palace said on Friday.

She made the decision a few days after the 95-year-old sovereign underwent medical examinations and spent the night at King Edward VII Hospital in London, her first such stay in eight years. Elizabeth has since continued to work and will continue to do office work, but will skip the Remembrance Festival on November 13 at the Royal Albert Hall in London, an event to honor British and Commonwealth men and women who have fought wars, disasters and pandemics. for the protection and defense of the nation.

“However, the Queen’s firm intention remains to be present at the National Remembrance Service on Memorial Sunday, November 14,” the palace said.

Significantly, the palace statement highlighted the monarch’s desire to attend commemorative Sunday ceremonies, as this is an important event on the ruler’s calendar and to which she attached great importance.

The Queen has long enjoyed strong health and is said to hate people making trouble. But in recent weeks, she has reluctantly accepted advice to shorten her schedule.

She canceled a trip to mark the 100th anniversary of the founding of Northern Ireland on 20 October. This was followed only a few days later by the announcement that she would not appear at the UN climate conference in Glasgow – much to the disappointment of the British Conservative government. who dared to stress the importance of a two-week meeting to save the Earth from uncontrolled global warming.

She lived in Windsor Castle, west of London, where she had a virtual audience with ambassadors and poets and otherwise showed good will.

Britain’s longest-lived and longest-ruling monarch, Elizabeth, is set to celebrate her platinum jubilee next year – 70 years on the throne.

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