Youngkin from the GOP rises when Democrat McAuliffe stumbles into Home Stretch

Virginia Republican Glenn Youngkin has overtaken former Gov. Terry McAuliff (D) in a number of elections in the country’s domestic gubernatorial race, indicating a late shift in momentum, as there are now only four days until the election.

This is a Fox News poll showed Two weeks ago, Youngkin lagged behind McAuliffe by five points among likely voters, now showing that Youngkin pulled by eight points over McAuliffe, an advantage that exceeds the poll error limit.

Echelon Insights found Youngkin leads McAuliffe by three points in a poll released Friday, and similarly, a odds poll – an internal poll commissioned by Republican nominee for vice governor Winsome Sears – revealed Thursday that Youngkin is four points ahead of McAuliffe.

Averages of surveys drawn by both RealClearPolitics in FiveThirtyEight reveal that Youngkin has a narrow advantage over McAuliffe for the first time since Friday.

Education policy has been a recurring theme in research after McAuliff he said in a discussion in late September: “I don’t think parents should tell schools what to teach.”

The commentary was a turning point in the match, where McAuliffe’s brief statement touched on the hot national issue of parents and school boards. When the moment went viral, McAuliffe was hit by a barrage of critics, and Youngkin took the opportunity to strengthen his position to support parents with the “Parents Matter” brand and advertisements.

McAuliffe, who relies heavily on voter turnout in the deep blue region of North Virginia, also commented on parents, while Loudoun County, populated in Northern Virginia, continues to make headlines across the country that it is a “zero city.” in school committee discussions on transgender policy, Critical Race Theory (CRT), and student masking.

The riots in Loudoun County took a grim turn in October when it turned out that the daughter of Scott Smith, the angry father arrested after the outbreak at a school board meeting, was in fact raped in the school bathroom a teenager in a lap. The school board meeting at which Smith was arrested was to discuss a “transgender affirmation” policy later adopted by the board approved 7–2. Parents were further angry at the school council after the same teenager was detained at another school in Loudoun County for allegedly groping a student, and supervisor Scott Ziegler was eventually forced to admit caregivers “failed to provide” a safe environment for students.

Youngkin weighted soon after, at a rally in Fairfax County that demanded an investigation and accountability to a crowd of hundreds, many have the words “Parents for Youngkin”.

Glenn Youngkin speaks with supporters at a rally on October 19, 2021 in Fairfax County, Virginia. (Breitbart News)

A Washington Publication/ The Schar school poll, released Friday, found Youngkin one point behind McAuliffe, 48 percent vs. 49 percent, but while the top line showed the gap between candidates narrowed only slightly in Youngkin’s favor, the change in response to education was dazzling.

A poll in September showed that the main issue for voters was the economy with 27 percent, followed by coronavirus with 16 percent, and education and “something else” equaled 15 percent each. In the October poll, however, education climbed to the top, with 24 percent believing it to be the number one issue, followed by the economy and then the coronavirus.

The Publication found that among those who believe education is a major issue, “Youngkin has gained an important role. … In September, voters in education gave McAuliffe an advantage by 33 points, and now they are leaning against Youngkin by nine points.

McAuliffe seemed to notice a change in soil and released an advertisement last week that tries to correct the narrative of his relationship with his parents. “We know that good schools depend on the parents involved. So I want you to hear that from me. Glenn Youngkin takes my words out of context. I’ve always appreciated my parents ’worries,” McAuliffe says in the ad.

Lots of polls started October, but as early as August, the tides began to turn slightly for Youngkin, while President Joe Biden led the disastrous withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan and then on September 9 announced a draconian federal vaccination mandate. The steady flow of illegal migrants on the southern border under the Biden administration also moved to the forefront as thousands of Haitian migrants began to squeeze into abandoned makeshift camps in Del Rio, Texas, in September. Now in October, the failure of Democrats to find enough common language to adopt any infrastructure plan only exacerbated Biden’s unpopularity.

While the president’s rating of approval is falling sharply, McAuliffe himself admitted in early October, his campaign faced a “big wind from Washington”. Among registered voters, Posts The poll showed a decline in Biden’s approval from September from 46 percent to 43 percent, while his disapproval increased from 51 percent to 53 percent.

McAuliffe, however, has the advantage of seeing Virginia as a country prone to blue. Republicans have not won a state race in the Old Dominion since 2009, while Democratic presidential candidates have taken over the country in the last four elections. Now with only a few days left until this year’s race, McAuliffe is under increasing pressure to continue the blue string as his lead in the polls disappears and his campaign stumbles to Tuesday’s finish line.

On Friday, the Never-Trump Lincoln project, which supported McAuliffe, organized an acrobatics where individuals dressed in white races from a protest in Charlottesville in 2017 posed as Youngkin supporters, ostensibly in an attempt to link Youngkin to white supremacy. However, stunt stunts were strongly rejected when memes erupted online mocking McAuliffe for the posers, while a distinguished Democratic representative. Eric Swalwell (CA) fell for the trick.

Lis Smith, former senior adviser to Pete Buttigieg, wrote on social media after orchestration: “What a huge, huge fuck. The last thing McAuliffe’s campaign needed this weekend. A complete bear service to hundreds of hard-working field staff. “

Meanwhile, McAuliffe campaign spokesman Renzo Olivari was together on Friday night to apologize for their own tweets, discovered in 2012, that used the word N and contained other race-based jokes.

Early voting in the match takes place from September 17 and ends on Saturday. Election day takes place on November 2nd.

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