American Airlines canceled more than 600 flights on Sunday

American Airlines cut off 634 flights on Sunday, nearly one in four domestic flights for the day, with a combination of bad weather in Texas and staffing problems to blame for Halloween disruptions.

The landing came after American resigned about 340 flights on Friday and 543 flights or 20 percent of its schedule on Saturday, data from the flight tracking website FlightAware confirmed.

According to the allegations U.S. COO David Seymour said in a statement from staff that the problems began with strong gusts of wind on Thursday that reduced capacity at its hub at Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport.

Due to bad weather, the crew members ended up without a position for the following flights.

The Texas-based carrier said it proactively canceled some services to “ensure we take care of our customers and ensure schedule security for our crews.”

The availability of pilots and flight attendants was cited as the reason for most cancellations on Saturday and Sunday, according to internal calculations, according to CNBC.

“With the added weather throughout the system, our staff begins to run as crew members end up from their regular flight sequences,” Seymour wrote. He said most customers were re-booked the same day and expected business to stabilize in November.

According to FlightAware, about one percent of the U.S. approaching Monday schedule, or 37 flights, was canceled.

Seymour also told CNBC that about 1,800 flight attendants will be returning from vacation from Nov. 1, with the rest returning by December.

Baggage awaits American Airlines baggage collection at George Bush Intercontinental Airport on August 5, 2021 in Houston, Texas. The American was forced to cancel hundreds of flights as demand for vacations and other travel plans increased. (Brandon Bell / Getty Images)

The carrier is also in the process of hiring pilots, mechanics, airport workers and booking agents, “so that more team members will be available for the holiday season.”

Minister of Transport Pete Buttigieg’s (D) was on paid paternity leave since mid-August as supply chain problems in the country worsened and other airlines besides U.S. ones announced their problems.

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