Blinken on Iran’s nuclear deal: “We still believe diplomacy is the best way forward”

USA called on Iran to return to nuclear talks in the last weeks after the pause caused by the transition of the government. While Tehran has indicated it will return to talks in Vienna before the end of November, the Biden administration has remained skeptical of Iranian intentions.

“There is still a window through which Iran can return to talks, and we can return to mutual respect for the agreement, and that would be the best result. But it really depends on whether Iran is serious about doing so,” Blinken said. .

Blinken added that if Iran decides not to “cooperate sensibly and return to compliance,” the United States and other countries in the agreement – Russia and China were also part of the 2015 agreement – will examine “all options that are necessary to address this problem. ”

Asked in another Sunday interview – on CBS News “Face the Nation” – what these other options might be and whether they could involve military intervention, Blinken said “every possibility is on the table.”

“Iran, unfortunately, is progressing aggressively with its program,” Blinken said. He added: “And that’s why it was so important to connect with our close partners in this effort. As for the way forward, we are all on the same page. And we will see if Iran is serious. “

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