Buttigieg: Federal flight ban list “should be on the table” for violent passengers on a plane

On Sunday on the CNN show “State of the Union,” Transport Minister Pete Buttigieg said the federal list of banning flights for violent passengers should be “on the table.”

Leader Dana Bash said: “I’d like to ask you before I let you talk about a U.S. Airlines flight attendant who was hospitalized this week with a broken bone, she had more in her face after a passenger attacked her during a flight . The FAA has so far investigated more than 900 incidents of violent or disobedient passengers this year, up from more than 150 two years ago. Should there be a federal list of flight bans for people who behave this way on American flights? “

Buttigieg said, “I think that should be on the table. Look, it is completely unacceptable to abuse, abuse or even disrespect the flight crew. These flight attendants have been at the forefront of the pandemic since day one. And they are up there, as it always says in the post, for your safety. There is no excuse for this kind of handling of air crews in the air or with any of the essential workers, from bus drivers to flight crews who take people where they need to be. The FAA strongly supports flight crews. You therefore note that severe penalties and fines have been proposed, and we will continue to examine all possibilities to ensure the safety of the flight crew and passengers. “

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