Buttigieg says management will continue to fight for paid family leave after it was withdrawn from the economic law

“Look, this is something we believe in, I believe in it. It’s obviously for me personally. The same goes for the president. And it’s something we’re going to keep working for,” Buttigieg told CNN’s Dana Bash for “State The Union, ”when asked about his message to Americans who will not be able to take leave to care for new children, as recently adoption of newborn twins.
Democrats were forced to cut provision from a spending proposal in recent days after facing opposition from West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin, a moderate Democrat and a key swing vote. But the secretary stressed that the White House, even though it has been cut out of the law for now, will still be a measure in the future.

“We will do this from a power standpoint, because when we pass this law, we will pass the most important family law in my life,” Buttigieg said. “When you make a big positive, transformative change in Americans’ lives, you’re rewarded with more room to do more great things. I firmly believe in that idea that good politics is good politics, and that framework is good politics.”

“It’s not half a loaf. It’s a celebration of good policies,” he said, adding that it is also the responsibility of Republicans to support these initiatives.

Democrats initially included money for 12 weeks of paid family and health leave for Americans, but later reduced it to four weeks to provide Manchin support. This was rejected, which led New York Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand to try to find a compromise with Manchin – which in the end failed.

Energy Minister Jennifer Granholm on Sunday left the door open for programs such as paid family leave to be passed later in another law.

“There are, believe it or not, a few Republicans who will actually support paid family leave because they want to be family,” Granholm told NBC’s “Meet the Press”. “And so they may not vote for it in the whole big bill, but it’s possible to go by parts of it separately.”

“The president did not give up (paid family leave), he did not give up the price of prescription drugs,” Granholm added.

Buttigieg also expressed confidence in the ability of lawmakers to pass economic law this week, saying the administration is “the closest we’ve ever been” to approving the package.

“The president is convinced that this framework that we are proposing can pass to Parliament and the Senate and come to his signature table. The reason you hear this sense of urgency on his part is not just politics, but that the state needs it, “he told Bash.

“World leaders are currently gathering in Glasgow and looking at this opportunity that we have and is now barely achievable to be able to overcome the worst effects of climate change. It means immediate action. And that is part of this package,” the secretary said. referred to a very important United Nations climate summit in Scotland.


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